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Quick Review: King Arms Clubfoot



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The Saint
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Cool Quick Review: King Arms Clubfoot

No camera, no pictures.

The stock itself is well made. The plastic is solid and does not seem brittle. No noticible molding imperfections or errors, though the edges inside the stock are rather sharp.

A 9.6v 1400mah Intellect nunchuck mini is included and will power a 400fps spring for a whole day.

The mini can be mounted with each half of the battery inside the pair of side covers, allowing the stock to retract fully. It can also be mounted with half inside one side cover and the other half inside the stock itself, to allow a closer cheek weld by sacrificing the ability to fully retract the stock.

A quick release sling swivel is included, but requires quite a bit of force to remove. Call that secure or difficult, it's up to the individual.

No rubber plate included for the end of the stock. Even the Dboy version includes that. Without it, the stock has a tendency to slide off one's webbing, despite the checkering on the end.

While not KA's fault, Intellect batteries have really soft wire insulation. With the thin wiring on their mini battery, the softness is very pronounced. Consistency is closer to Turkish Delight than plastic, and protects just as well.

The stock tube is the worst part of the stock set. It is massively off-spec, being several millimetres too small for the stock and causing serious wobble and noise issues. The stock itself was tested with a G&G stock tube and fit perfectly, leaving the KA stock tube the culprit for the poor fit. Shimming with electrical tape on the stock tube can fix the wobbling and noise issues, but makes the stock more difficult to adjust.

It's difficult to score this stock. Everything works great except for the stock tube, but the stock tube really affects everything else. I'd recommend this stock to anyone willing to live with/fix the wobble or has a spare stock tube with the appropriate cut to accomodate battery wires.

Incidentally, the real VLTOR Clubfoot is only a little more expensive than KA's. If one is not planning to use the stock to store battery, the real stock might be worth considering.
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