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Introduction Thread: Post your hello's here not somewhere else.


Newbie Tank

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Old August 19th, 2013, 22:03   #1141
Mystery Alaska
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Markham, Ontario
Newbie at 47


My name is James and I'm just dipping my feet in the water at this time.
Friends says I'm nuts to get into this at my age but I said you're never too
old to have fun right. I have played paintball twice in my lifetime, in fact
it was the first year they introduce paintball back in the 80's.

I've already started picking up some stuff (Glock 19, Scope for my new
M4 coming this week-end and I'm thinking of gettting a sniper rifle).
As for the accessories, I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

Any recommendation on gears and type of weapons to get, please let me know.

Thanks and I look forward to my first game.

Go Leafs Go !!!!!
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Old August 23rd, 2013, 02:47   #1142
Join Date: Mar 2013
Hi, friends.
Enjoy this forum. I registered in March but deicded to post only now.
I'm glad to be here.
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Old August 23rd, 2013, 22:18   #1143
Gizmo Qc
Gizmo Qc's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Joliette,Qc
Hi everybody
I'm Éric, I live near Montréal Qc.
That's my first summer playing Airsoft,I used to play Paintball.
I guess I'm addicted, I already own a P90,M16,Hk417 and a P226x5, all that in my first season. I think I busted my budget
So I look foward to meet some of you.
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Old August 28th, 2013, 18:45   #1144
MP5_Sgovio's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: stouffville
Hey guys my names Robert. I'm new to the airsoft community. I used to play speed ball paint ball when I was younger and then kinda grew out of it. Recently noticed that my local paint ball shop started to sell airsoft guns and I started to become more interested. I purchased my first gun about 2 months ago now and I'm kinda regretting the purchase of that gun. It's a lancer tactical m4. Kinda an impulse buy and didn't do much research. And because of that I spent more time with doing research with buying my pistol and just bought an echo1 lonewolf gloc gbb pistol. Me and a couple of buddies from work all got into at the same time. Hopefully soon I'm looking to upgrade my aeg to a mp5. I just really like the gun and noticed that its pretty popular for cqb games. I have yet to go out and play but plan to do so very soon. If anyone has any thought or recommendations regrading my current gun and or my gun of interest feel free to weigh in I can use all the help I can. I'm really looking forward to coming out to some events and meeting some of you guys.

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Old August 31st, 2013, 09:54   #1145
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Quinte region Ontario
Greetings everyone, I live in the Trenton area and am new to the sport of Airsoft. I will be reading as much as I can so not to ask the usual newbie questions but may on occasion have a helmet fire and ask one anyways. Currently have a G&G M4 that works well so far, now to watch for open games to wet my feet with. Hope to meet some of you at games.... opcorn:
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Old September 7th, 2013, 11:53   #1146
Electric Plectrum
Electric Plectrum's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Downtown Toronto
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Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to the Airsoft community, but I'm eager to learn the ins and outs of the game. I've already taken the liberty of purchasing my baby and I am in the works of buying more mags and getting my gear put together so I can join some games in the near future. I've played only one small game, and let's just say I have a lot of work to do(hah).

Excited to get started! And slowly shed the n00b.

See ya around.
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Old September 8th, 2013, 02:34   #1147
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Burlington, ON

Hi All,

I'm Bob, and live in Burlington, Ont. I'm 38, and have never done this before, but I'm pretty excited about getting into it. I've already bought a few guns (couldn't help myself), but I suppose I still need to get age verified (so that I can start tweaking my collection). Looking forward to meeting some of you!
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Old September 8th, 2013, 03:38   #1148
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: beeton ontario
hey im chris im 19 almost 20 just getting in to airsoft. I dont have any gear yet but i have gone out airsofting with my buddies at an indoor feild near my place and had a great time. Now im looking forward to getting more into this sport and getting myself some gear and having some good times in the future.
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Old September 10th, 2013, 00:58   #1149
Join Date: May 2013
hello everyone, im chris i just turned 19 and live in the edmonton area, i jumped the gun a little bit, i own 8+ guns including 4 rifles all of them gbb and one being a ghk ak. ive already got some gear and have my first aeg in mind along with a list of parts and upgrades. long story short, airsoft has me hooked.
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Old October 6th, 2013, 14:23   #1150
Bob_Jones's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Kitchener ON

Hi, my name is Julian but I like my user name "Bob_Jones" to be used instead of my real name please.

Now that I got that out of the way I am new to airsoft. I have played paintball before as well as owned my own paintball gun. But it wasn't really right for me. The CO2 tanks and the hoppers make the paintball markers hard to use. Im only 15 which sucks because I have to wait 3 more years before I can actually play at most fields. But that just gives me lots of time to research airsoft and learn how to operate my gun and use it safely. As well as learn some new stuff. I live in Ontario and I joined Airsoft Canada to learn more about airsoft and to (hopefully) play at least one game before I'm 18. Although I understand that is highly unlikely. If you have anything for me, like information (or maybe an invitation to a game near the Kitchener-Waterloo area maybe even Toronto) I would be very happy. Thanks!
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Old October 6th, 2013, 23:25   #1151
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Hey I'm Iain, and I'm planning to get into airsoft, got some cheap pistols and a couple masks and shot friends out in the bush and now I'd like to get into more competitive and organized play. Looking at picking up a starter AEG soon, and working on getting age verified so i can check out the marketplace here before I buy anything.
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Old October 8th, 2013, 18:44   #1152
Mr Ruggles
Mr Ruggles's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Montreal Qc
Smile Hi Everyone...real noob here

Hey everyone my name is Mike and I'm from Montreal. My call sign here is Mr Ruggles and I've just got into Airsoft.....It looks like a lot of fun...hope to see you all on the field
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Old October 10th, 2013, 00:07   #1153
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Winnipeg
Thumbs down Newbie

Steve 47 , fairly new to airsoft

not sure this site is any use till i am age verified if that ever happens.
to be honest i don't get it why your locked out for months till maybe someone take the time to check a PM they don't use much. Yes it is a bit of a rant but it seams to be the weak point.I would think that a much faster system could be used, or is there a real need to be age verified any how today.

i looked a a post about 203 for my M4 but i cant get the info on the store because i am not confirmed an adult , can the store confirm that ?
Why is it that this form has taken on the added task of policing should that not be left to the retailer ?

Any one else find that it takes way to long to get anyone to reply to a verify PM ?
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Old October 11th, 2013, 18:28   #1154
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Mississauga
Hi, I'm Mark from Mississauga. I'm 33, got into airsoft this summer while camping with some friends, we had a blast. I bought a G&G raider L last week, It's my new favorite toy. Now my friends all want one .I've been watching some airsoft wars on youtube, and that looks like fun. I got age verified at the store, thanks Army Issue, and great store. Now I need a pistol all of a sudden.
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Old October 12th, 2013, 15:26   #1155
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Canada, B.C
New to Airsoft

Hi All,

My name David and I'm 35yrs old. I'm ex british military now married to a lovely Canadian women and living in B.C. I'm currently in afghanistan private contracting and have decided to give airsoft a try as it seems my cup of tea.

I'll mostly be playing with NorthernStrike in Quesnel but may find myself visiting other locations. Any tips and pointers are welcomed. I do happen to have full BDU and equipment (the job). However any advise on my first AEG purchase and sidearm would come in handy. I'm currently looking at purchasing:

Bolt B4 SOPMOD & KJ M1911 A1 CO2 FM (however I believe due to research this is a bad choice).
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