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Dedication Wall



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Old February 24th, 2008, 18:33   #1
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Dedication Wall

To whom it may concern;
My name is Thomas P. Grady, I am the Founder and President of the Rhode Island Joint Strike Force. We are in the planning stages of a Dedication Wall, to be displayed at all Regional and National Events. This wall will represent all the Teams across the Nation and their players. By location. Not all teams will be able to attend Regional and National Events but this way your team and players will be know to those who have attended and to the sponsors that are there. Like all teams Every Team would like to get their name out there and be known. This is the perfect opportunity. What we are doing is trying to collect one team patch and players names and Team location from as many Teams across the country as we possibly can, This is a overwhelming task and can only be achieved if we all pull together and work on this together.
I can not in no way reach every team out there on my own, But with your help we can, Networking is the key, and also through this we weave a stronger web of alliance with every team out there. I am well aware that not every team will be willing to participate in this project but I am sure that there will be more that would be willing than those opposed.
I Wall will be divided into Three Sections, East, Midwest, and West. Each Section then will be arranged according to the geographic location of each team, North, South, East, and West within their own Region.
This is going to be an Awesome Task and likewise will be an Awesome display at the Events. The wall will be displayed on a trailer towed by a Large Truck. This is all being done on a voluntary basis, there will be a different driver all the time depending on availability and scheduled events. I am not in anyway asking for anything other than a Patch and players names and your Team location, My unit has put up the funding of the truck and Trailer as well as the wall. This is our way of showing the Country that we are out there and that we want this sport to be recognized as a TEAM SPORT. I look forward to your help in this GREAT and AWESOME Task, You can Reach me at my Email at: Please consider helping us out and passing this along to as many teams that you know of, This is going to be Awesome and the response will be GREAT!!! I look forward to working with everyone of you and gaining an in-site to who is out there. Take care and God Bless. Remember to Support our Troops and Support Our Sport by promoting it in every way possible.

Thomas P. Grady
Founder, CEO Rhode Island Joint Strike Force
10 West Street
Ashaway, RI. 02804
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