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Special Forces Gear



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Old January 16th, 2008, 15:44   #1
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Special Forces Gear

So back in October I decided to pick up a custom shotgun scabbard for my Tanaka M870 and had heard about a few from two friends of mine. The website here for the store is:

So I made my order, it was shipped out in November .. got it looked good. Oh wait I was missing the tac vest adaptor I had ordered with it ... so I shot them an email the guy sent me one OK everything looks good right? Wrong.

Just two days ago I received notices from FedEx requesting that I pay them for clearance fees for this item ... they want $52, the scabbard already cost me a total of $140 shipped. I go WTF because:

1) I had paid for the item to be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, my invoice even says the item was to be shipped through USPS
2) I wasn't informed that they were shipping with FedEX
3) Since I wasn't informed I wasn't able to ask that the item be declared at a lower value.
4) FedEx charges disembursement fees, meaning they do the paperwork for clearance on your item and send it in to customs. But they charge you brokerage etc. and a part of paying CBSA first than ask you for money later. There they mark the $$$ up and rape you.

So I shot Special Forces another email regarding the whole mishap. The only response I got from them was:

"To ensure you received your item in a timely manner we shipped it with FedEx as we have lost too many shipments from USPS."

So yeah sure it makes sense, but doesn't USPS offer insurance just like FedEx but.... without the ridiculous brokerage fees? So I make a proposition that they help pay for HALF of what I owe FedEx cause yes I will pay my taxes but $52.16 CAD is ridiculous .. I'd be paying nearly $200 for a SHOTGUN SCABBARD wtf.

So I mention all that and I get this simple response:

"On your next order I will take care of you but we have to ship with FedEx because USPS is unreliable."

Now what kind of response is that? No solution whatsoever, I state that I understand them but it doesn't explain or help me ... plus my next order? After all this chaos you think a customer would want to return? Terrible service.

Ryans response was:
"I'm explaining everything to you."

Simply there's no need to explain anymore ... so I state all the facts AGAIN in number format you know so it looks all organized, whatever.

So now I've just restated these facts to Ryan of Special Forces, he's finally listening so I'm waiting for his response ... but right now terrible service from them. Another member here can testify to their slowwww/bad service.

If I get any 'help' than I'll leave it at this, unless you REALLY need something from them that only they make ie. shotgun scabbard, cause your not inclined enough to make one yourself than avoid yourself some trouble.

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Old January 16th, 2008, 16:06   #2
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Oh wow... Them using FedEx to get to you faster was cool but i think they should be the ones to pay the $52... especially if THEY forgot the part in the first place...

" Deeds, not words. "
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