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Future uncertain for paintball business (Flag Raiders)



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Old December 29th, 2007, 10:42   #76
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they also own an indoor and a pro shop in the area. so there's the rest of em right there.
that's a damn dissapointment. and there's no way joe'll move to london, too many fields there as it is. he stays in that area, he rules it. look how many are in the tri city area.
I've been there playing since that place opened up for paintballers all those years ago. to this day, I still don't get how the neighbours get paintballs out there, considering most of the time, we aren't allowed to go that far into the wood lines if ever. or the noise factor. I'm sure no one complains about the golf club just down the road at all :dodgy:
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Old December 29th, 2007, 15:36   #77
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But it's not just the neighbors, if the zoning is against the area's offical plan (much less the city's official plan), it's bound to be shut down. Unless there is alot of money to be made for the city/area by rezoning that land, it'll be pretty tough to get them to ammend the official plan (not to mention, the business will suffer alot of court costs trying to ammend the OP).

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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