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2 new gun from Classic Army very soon.....



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Old October 9th, 2007, 12:00   #1
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Location: Cape Town South Africa
Smile 2 new gun from Classic Army very soon.....

If this has been posted sorry , But I have been informed by my wholesaler that CA will be launching the following below,it is the only info he could give me . As for prices I could only fish out a Retail price in South African Rands of R1550. landed in SA

There are 2 new carbines being released by Classic Army this month. Both are the M4 Carbine one with telescoping stock and the other solid stock. BUt what makes these different is that they have plastic bodies.


Easy Disassembly Body
High Torque Motor
Metal Barrel and Front Sight
High Precision Metal Gearbox
Metal Hi-Cap Magazine (300Rd)
Fully Functioning Collapsing Rear Stock
Metal Working Cocking Handle and Bolt Cover
Removable Carry Handle with Metal Rear Sight
Also he has told me that they will be the same strength plastic as the TM products.
This sound nice and it give you a great upgrade path.
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Old October 9th, 2007, 17:35   #2
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So your saying these are almost the exact same guns but with plastic bodies? There's not that big of deal then because upgrading from plastic to metal will probably cost more then buying one with metal body already.

This might be a good starting gun though as long as you never fall on it.
Originally Posted by Forever_kaos
Buy her flowers, say I'm sorry to hear your dog/cat died last night...
she asks - What you talking about?
you say - I herd something wailing like crazy
Might piss her off but the flowers will be nice...

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I miss the days where someone would say "I am so depressed, I'm going to kill myself"
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Old October 9th, 2007, 19:10   #3
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im pissed that i ever got my first armalite. it started out as a SR-16 then turned into an M16 then went back down to a futuristic C8 with a SOPMOD stock and a CASV front and a M60 flash hider.
why cant westcan come back?
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