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Old January 19th, 2008, 05:27   #61
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Originally Posted by pawscal View Post
Scarecrow, Can you please explain why bb bastard .30 bb are 5 times the price of their .20 counterparts? I dont think plastic is that expensive!
So, in essence Pawscal, they are not the same BB. Not by a long shot (pun intended). I don't compare my product with KSC, we aren't even in the same ball park on any aspect of the product other than labelling it .30gr. Perhaps TM or SIIS is closer, but you've seen the performance results on at least one of those products. Also, TMs last time I checked BBs's site, were $21 for 500, and even that I would say is not the same kind of build quality. Anything .28 and above requires more than just plastic and compression to get the higher weight and how you engineer that and how it affects the product formation has to be considered during manufacturing, resulting in a higher production cost. And just compressing straight ABS material will result in a more brittle product that shatters and also will have inconsistent weight. So, in short, compare apples to apples before you accuse me of gouging the customer.
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Old January 19th, 2008, 10:19   #62
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Considering the fact that the past few years I've been using Maruzen 0.29g Super Grand Masters, I'd pay $30 per box of 500, I feel that Scarecrow's price for 1000 very good 0.30g is a damn good deal.

Oh, so you know, they are considered MATCH grade BBs, not BBs for tossing in a hicap and hosing all around a field. They are best used in tuned and upgraded sniper rifles
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