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Thinking about giving up and leaving AS...



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Old September 12th, 2007, 16:21   #121
Administrator Malleus Veto
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Most of those games don't get posted here. If there is enough SERIOUS interest in this kind of event by people who REALLY AND TRULY can commit to it, I'm sure it can be arranged. As I've stated previously, there's really nothing to it. Here's the field, you enemy is out there, go kill. Very little work required by a host beyond chrony and user registration.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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Old September 12th, 2007, 16:40   #122
Brian McIlmoyle
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There is a difference

Between playing a Game and playing a Role in a Simulation.

A difference that is unfortunatly lost on 90% of the participants out there..

For most people... you know the ones who say " hey, its all about fun" .. what they really mean is it's all about THEIR fun.. and they could give a rats ass about your fun..

these people are playing a game... and YOU are there to make it more fun for THEM , when you get a collection of players like this.. well you got yourself a skirmish. People can have a huge amount of fun doing this.. as long as they are all playing the same game.

When you have a group of players who want to play a Role in a simulation .. they understand that they are there to make the experience fun for everyone by sticking to their role and working towards strengthening the simulation for everyone.... All it takes is one person who is playing a game to weaken the simulation and begin ruining it for everyone... but hey.. as long as THEY are having fun.. thats ok, right?
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Old September 13th, 2007, 15:52   #123
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Originally Posted by Manosaurus Rex View Post
I personally cannot stand blatant disregard of not calling hits. If I can see and hear bbs hitting you, then you sure as hell can. I feel horrible every time I shoot any player above the shoulders. I make an effort to apologize either during the game or tracking the person down after and seeing if they are alright. That being said, if I see someone not calling hits, I make a conscious decision to shoot at hands, necks and heads. It's a dick thing to do, and I feel like an ass doing it, but sometimes the best way to fight fire is with fire.

This might pull a bunch of negative responses, but I welcome fresh paintball/speedball converts. I like the speedy way they operate. At most of the games that I've played at FR and even Wasaga, I find skirmish games boil down to a lot of defense vs. defense and people just find a comfortable corner and set up camp. The speedballers that I've played against are the exact opposite. They rush. They play in pacts (from what I've seen). In general, it's a different and new way to play. Obviously this style is not very milsim, but it definitely has a place in skirmish games.

Just my two sense though.
i never had problems shooting opponents in the head, hands or neck especially if they are decked out in gear, or if they are not calling hits it just cut down the BS of whether you are hit or not
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Old September 13th, 2007, 16:19   #124
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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post

There are no effin lunch breaks. There are no "bomb up" periods. You hit the field, and you're out there until you're DEAD or the game is OVER. You eat when you can, sleep IF you can, and carry as much ammo as you need. Ammunition loadouts are restricted to real-world equivalents, mags are charged at 30 rounds, and you can carry as many mags as you can fit in your gear. No hicaps, no bags of ammo in the field.

You are going to WAR. You don't know where you're enemy is coming from, you don't know what tactics they'll employ, you don't know what their objectives are, and you sure as hell don't want to get gunned down.

It was the best game I've ever played.
I recently participated in a weekend long ops in Sudbury, I must admit that this was the most painfull, exhausting simulations that i ever participate in.
for a long time in all of my playing days i was never restricted to a limited ammo, but on this ops we were restricted to 300rnd and no resupply until ammo drop (we are not using airsoft we are using RAP4 METS version W/68/4500psi tanks strapped to our LBV). WE PLAYED for almost 60 hrs nonstop ! some of my teammates have to defend themselves while taking a bathroom break. We ate, slept and do our human business on the field, there was no stopage, or intermission, even our ammo and gas drop was done with radio and only if we are safe and there were times where we have to fight to secure the ammo.
THAT"S Milsim and like Morbius said it was the most painfull and exhausting game ever but it was definitely the best game that i ever played
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