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THinking of getting into airsoft



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Old June 27th, 2007, 15:50   #16
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Location: Downtown Ottawa
Some baseline suggestions.

First. Attend a game and use a rental for your first outting. It gives you a good idea of the premis of the game and allows you too meet a few people in your local area. Also face to face time with other players will allow you to obtain a multitude of opinions as well as ask stupid questions without fear of being burned to an ember.

If you do purchase a gun, I suggest getting verified and doing a private sale from a reputable person or hitting an in stock CANADIAN retailer. But start small and accumulate gear over time, alot of people rush in and plunk a few G's on the table befor they are ready. Its not worth it.

Also remember this is a game, having fun is priority number one, expect to meet people and enjoy the social aspect.

Above all, as mentioned previously get out to a local game and ask questions.

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Old July 4th, 2007, 20:58   #17
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Location: mt. clemens Michigan
if you want to get a reliable brand of airsoft go with classic army, they are more expensive but are built with reinforced parts and are full metal, they come standard shooting 320 fps compared to tokyo marui (280-300), but it all depends on what gun you get. Guns with v. 3 gearbox's are generally more durable than other gearbox styles. But they usually last the same amount of time if you take good care of them. BUT DO NOT BUY THE TOKYO MARUI UZI, IT IS THE WORST GUN THEY MAKE IT TOTALLY SUCKS ASS, you can not upgrade and parts are hard to find it is just a pain to have. I hope you read this to make a good descision.
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