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G&G M14 In Depth Review



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Old May 23rd, 2007, 12:52   #1
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G&G M14 In Depth Review

Proud Owner of a New G&G M14 as of Saturday the 19th. It gamed amazingly
and I loved it.

Review will be completed in the next few weeks with In Depth pictures of the
exterior and internals.

Performance Review:
I have used the M14 for 3 large Ops so far this year and its a solid performer. The mechbox has not been opened at all and is completely new. It fires nice and strong and straight. I am currently using .28's as well. The top cover is kind of wobbly and loose as its cheap plastic. The front Sling loop is kinda noisy. The battery bay is HUGE and yes the battery wobbles around a bit but hey I can fit a 10v if I wanted too lol. I have put about 3k rounds through this rifle and killed plenty. Overall I dont see what everyone was whining about.

The fire Selector can be a bit touchy. After you change modes it wont fire unless you turn the selector forward till it stops. I think it just doesnt contact untill you do that. The sear release is awesome for when your done to uncompress your spring. Dont push that with the mag in or you will fire 2-3 rounds because the nozzle also goes back.. Remove mag first fire the round thats in there then release it.

More to come!
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