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Maruzen Walther P99 Compact



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Maruzen Walther P99 Compact

Maruzen Walther P99 Compact

A fairly new introduction to the airsoft scene, Maruzen’s P99 Compact is quite a solid little pistol that feels quite good in the hand and shoots very nicely as well.

The slide is VERY nice in construction with the ABS plastic outer slide covering a metal reinforced skeleton. Trademarks are nicely engraved on the slide. The grayish hue of the plastic is offset nicely with the black sights and the decocking plate. The sights are quite nice too, black with white plastic inserts, and the rear sight is adjustable for windage with a screwdriver. The addition of a working decocking plate, located just ahead of the rear sights on the left side of the slide is quite nice as well. The slide release lever as well as the magazine release lever is ambidextrous in design and works as advertised. The frame is nice feeling material very similar to the Maruzen shotgun grips, with no visible seam lines on the back and a very faint line running along the bottom of the trigger guard. Weirdly enough, this is the only area that the line is present; there are no lines just forward of the trigger guard on the integrated rail. Also nice is the unique individual serial number on the frame of each pistol. The serial number on the box matches the engraved numbering on each gun.

Internal-wise, the P99C is the same as the full-sized P99. Maruzen even provides the same manual for the P99 Compact and the full sized P99, with just a single page addendum for the extra features of the P99 Compact.

Shooting this pistol is a joy. On 134a duster (tetrafluoroethane) this gun has a fairly strong kick, very snappy return, and chrono’s as follows: (in fps, shots measured one every 4 seconds or so, about 25 degrees)

1 ) 270
2 ) 266
3 ) 264
4 ) 260
5 ) 257
6 ) 260
7 ) 258
8 ) 250
9 ) 254
10 ) 254

Tossing out the high and the low readings, the average was 259.13 fps with a deviation of 1.54%

Tests in a “combat situation” were carried out by firing 3 shots in the air and the fourth into the chrono, and they averaged about 254 fps.

From a 25 foot off-hand shooting stance, it produced a 75mm grouping. Hop up was adjusted a little bit high and so the shots landed a bit above the bulleye. At 28 feet in a benched test, the grouping size was 95mm with FOUR of the ten shots landing in the same ragged 18mm hole.(one shot landed waay off to the side and was discarded in this test, otherwise the grouping would read 107mm)

All in all, a nice pistol and quite a few aftermarket parts are available as it shares the internals with the P99.

Nice stuff:
Working decocker
Tight groupings
Ambidextrous controls
Adjustable sights
Crisp single/double action trigger
Features faithful to the real P99 (red loaded indicator, safties)

Not so nice stuff:
Smallish magazine capacity (15+1)

TN 6.04 tightbore barrels
TK Kick Booster
Power valves
Light pistons, bulbs

Size comparison of a few compact pistols
KSC USP Compact
Maruzen P99 Compact
Maruzen Walther PPK

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