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PROUD AK pistol grip



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Old April 13th, 2006, 16:36   #1
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Post PROUD AK pistol grip

Ok Folks.

Here's a first impression review of the PROUD AK pistol grip.

I've been owning an AK for about six months now. This rifle have been my pet project, and I put a sizable amount of hard won money into it. I upgraded it to full metal status, with both the receiver (from CA) and a G&P front end, some internal basics (metal bushing and a PDI 140 spring), a guarder side plate and the top rail. Needless to say it is now a rather heavy piece of hardware.

Yet up to very recently, I was adamant about it. Somehow it just didn't feel right. Even though I knew it was a very, very good rifle, I did not feel at home. I wasn't exactly sure, but I thought it might be due to the overall balance of the thing. Anyway, I decided that part of the problem might be due to the pistol grip that was a little too tiny in my large hands (I'm 6'3'') and did not feel stable enough for my taste.

After looking around a bit, I decided to give the PROUD pistol grip a try. I wasn't too warm about the look, thinking it might break the "Kalach spirit" if I may say so, but it was either that or sell the whole thing for I wasn't happy with the rifle.

Got it from WGC for a price I'd rather not disclose but I'd say around 45 - 50 bucks after custom fees, taxes and S&H. That's the bad news and I'm the only one to blame for it. I could have go through my usual local supplier if only I have had a little more patience. It would have saved me some dollars and the trouble.

My own grip, once on my rifle, looks like this:

When I mounted it on, I had the distinct impression it was more solid then the stock marui grip. It was a tight, firm fit right there, I slipped it on without a flinch. Then I took the rifle in my hands.

I was shocked.

This was a whole new rifle right there. I barely recognized the feel, and let me tell you, it was for the better. The grip, being bigger, sat more fully in my hand, therefore giving the whole rifle a more stable feel. While the difference in size isn't that big, I am still really surprised with the huge difference it makes in term of stability.

Sure, this isn't for everyone, and not only for aesthetic considerations. Those who like the rugged Kalachnikov style will probably think this grip kills it, which is true but remains a question of taste. More to the point, it is not as vital on a stock gun, which is considerably lighter.

On the whole, my first impression with the grip is that it feels both solid and stable, and it makes a world of difference for me about the way I now feel about that gun. I rate this product a good clean 8,5/10.

Of course, I haven't been in the field with it yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a pretty good experience.


ps.: For the armalite lover, see the following review by Droc. Same kind of product, apparently with the same kind of results.
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Old April 13th, 2006, 20:32   #2
The Saint
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I wish they'd make one for G36s... :|
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Old April 13th, 2006, 20:55   #3

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