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ya, posative recognition.



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Originally Posted by Psycho
im just curious.. can somebody do a stucy [or find 1] that compares how man ppl have been hurt by airsoft to how many ppl have been hurt by baseball bats.. or in a football game.. i think having proven stastics like that would help our side..
its true idiots can use this sport's tools to do stupid things.. but its the same, if not worse, with so many accepted sports

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Originally Posted by thephenom
But just one really cool thought, imagine airsoft becoming a new sport broadcasted on TSN or Sportsnet. It would create some pretty good popularity and general acceptance to the sport. Though I don't think it would ever happen unless Americans decide they are tired of baseball, football, hockey and the growing soccer leagues. (Hey, I would rather watch an airsoft game on TSN than the fishing shows they have in the summer.)
you would have to have a deffinative way of showing hits becasue as soon as something becomes a competition the amount of cheating jumps by leaps and bounds. right now it's all for fun and the love of what we're doing so the honor system works


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