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Review - KSC Sig Sauer p232



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Old December 6th, 2005, 17:46   #1
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Review - KSC Sig Sauer p232

OK, so there isn't much in the way of reviews available for the KSC Sig Sauer p232, so hopefully this little review can clarify some things.

I bought this gun NIB from Tru (great transaction, buy from him!) for $250, and a few days later, I had it. It came in an average-sized GBB box with a picture of the gun and some writing. I opened the box and within was the gun, one mag, a barrel plug, a loading rod, and some paperwork. The p232 is the black version, which looks convincingly metallis, especially with its chrome, metal-plated barrel.

I picked up the gun, wis not the heavyweight version, but even weighing in at just under 400g, it feels solid due to its compact dimensions, though it does feel slightly plasticky, mainly due to it's hard plastic grips. It's a slick looking gun, with very few nicknacks on it, including the absence of a safety, mag release and slide lock.

I pulled the little switch on the underside of the gun, and the mag was pulled out. It's skinny, but relatively heavy (lending to the majority of the p232's weight) and holds 12 rounds.

After loading and gassing up the p232, it was time to try it out. I must say, although racking the slide is fun, cocking back the p232 hammer with the thumb is an extremely cool sensation, as it has some resistance to it (though not enough to make it difficult) It has a relatively solid kick to it, and is pretty accurate. Though i did not have alot of room to test (about 15-20 feet), it was consistent, with groupings around 2 inches or so. After the last round, the slide locked back, and as mentioned before, there is no slide release. All you can do is either take out the mag, or toss in a new loaded one, and pull the slide back again, causing it to come back forward.

To be honest, it's a fun little gun, and I would recommend it as a back-up, as it is a non-finnicky, no-nonsense gun that gives off a real spy feel.
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