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Killflash or Clear lense?


Newbie Tank

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Old August 23rd, 2015, 22:06   #16
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Kill flash for magnified optics only.

Red dots works best with clear shields.

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Old September 7th, 2015, 16:09   #17
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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I can tell you that the price for Lexan has gone up. I recently shattered my flashlight lens by dropping it only once while I was running. I went to Home Depot for a sheet 11" x 14" for about $15 to make a replacement lens. Polycarbonate sheets are nice and durable, very easy to cut with a jigsaw and shape with an angle grinder.

A fun DIY project that will leave your arm with small bits of PC shrapnel.
Haha, I can atest to the PC shrapnel... not fun, long sleeves are a must. But I agree the lexan is a great solution to this, I got a 10" by 8" for 5$ at my local Home Depot which was enough to provide protection for a few lenses. A little bit of work, but worth it.
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Old September 7th, 2015, 16:49   #18
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This really is simple to do.
1. Piece of wood to drill the diameter of the circle you need.
2. Piece of Lexan
3. Drill
4. Hole saw kit.

Thats it. you can make about 20 out of that pieced of lexan.

Also. I have yet to see lexan crack, unlike the poly stuff they use for the clear lenses.
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