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KJW's S&W M6904



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Mud Gunner
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KJW's S&W M6904

Pictures will follow shortly...

Like to introduce KJW's Smith and Wesson M6904 in 9mm (well 6mm for us airsofters). Its a non blowback gas operated airsoft pistol.

Where to start, outside is a great place and in my mind, it truly is. Finish is quite nice if you do not mind the lack of bluing or the black combat pistol finish. It is a polished steel (stainless), mine has some minor glitches in the finish but overall very sharp. Chamber is shiniest of all- chrome like in appearance, my only critiscism so far. Did I mention this is all metal? Slide, receiver and mag (duh). The receiver has some faint mold marks, most noticably inside the trigger guard.

Pistol grips are plastic, well detailed and solid on the frame. No trades or other distuigishing marks. Items such as the non functional slide catch, safety, mag release, hammer and front and rear sights (one may suspect plastic-) nope metal!

Finishing of the exterior, there is 9mm scribed on the shiny chamber and a serial and the model number scribed below the slide catch, no name of S&W exist anywhere.

Moving into the magazine, this is where I end up a little disappointed. The finish is paint, black paint that has a slighty textured apppearance and feel. One neat feature is a BB removing slide, just slide back and forth and it will spit out any unused BBS(a plus). Back to the head scratching- magazine base has the gas valve (according to the instructions you use freon gas???) I used green gas- no worries so far after a mag (famous last words). Baclk to the valve, no cover, exposed to the elements unlike most airsoftpistols I have seen to date (after market manufacturers - hint hint). Another shortsight IMO is the lack of being able to hold the spring compressed with a mechanical aid, yes no catch, this a two hand job A plus is the capacity, 26 rounds (bb rounds that is..). An interesting point to the mag is its ability to hold enough gas to squeeze of 100+ shots! I kid you not, its scary what that mag can hold compared to my KSC Glock. Another downfal to the mag is I have had no luck finding additional mags for purchase

The box, has a photo of the pistol but with a silencer that only comes with the ABS version Pretty plain in appearance. Inside the box you find the gun. in a plastic baggy, instructions (in English too!!) and 1 box of crappy BBs (have the dreaded seam). Also included, three paper targets!

All in all, I am going to give this gun a 3.5/5. It is a decent backup pistol, looks great, major drawbacks being the mag and blemishes on the finish (being picky I know...)

My price, $166.00 from Grimfandango from ASC (shipped). So for price, finish and mag capacity, this would be a great entry level pistol or a good cheap backup pistol if you dont mind the "shiny" finish as opposed to the black/ blued finish.

Downfall- in taking the pistol out to the field and dropping it into the holster- any pressure applied to the hammer vents the gas in the magazine- my only work around is to wrap the velcro strap around the projection just above the grip, worked just fine after that, some holsters may present a problem if they do have have the velcro strap my uncle Mikes has...

I recommend it!!

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