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TTAC3 Misconceptions



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Old October 21st, 2005, 16:03   #1
Brian McIlmoyle
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TTAC3 Misconceptions


I think I have to dispell some misconceptions about what goes on at TTAC3.

I get a lot of private messages that look something like this.

"so, if I come out.. do we get to play, or is it just training?"

I don't know exactly why "training" is a bad word.. but I bump up against this a lot.

So just so it is clear, we do not do close order drill, no one will shout at you, there are no written exams,

What I call training.. is play..

Tuesday nights we do focus on specific combat attributes, and do repetative drills focused on developing one or 2 attributes. things like shooting from cover, making best use of cover, shooting while moving, shooting while changing postures and positions, Shooting off handed, reflexive shooting, teamwork, communication. Stuff to make you a better, more capable and safe player. Not everyone likes to do this sort of thing and it is a select group of operators that participate... those that do reap the benefits, and the benefits are many.

A typical night on Friday and Sunday looks like this.

Everone shows up.. we gear up, we do a safety briefing, we set up the facility. The range opens for gun zeroing, trying out new guns, letting someone try out your gun, Then we frequently do a bit of warm up exercise shooting at static targets.. just to limber up.
Then we set up the space for the evenings "play" we always run scenarios with specific objectives designed to exercise specific skills. But those skills are exercised in the contex of play.

All of our scenarios are close quarters combat.. fast paced, intense, and hard hitting. We run the same scenarios multiple times and do a short debrief after each rep to identify opportunities for improvment. The teams throughout the night will run the scenario from both sides.. as often different attributes are being exercised by each team. Sometimes the scenario will be a two parter and we will stop to reconfigure the space for the second part of the scenario.

Often we finish off the night with a "skirmish" that I call "1 in 2 in" it works like this. everyone lines up.. the first man in line goes into the space, 15 seconds later the next 2 go in as a team, 15 seconds later a 3 person team goes in, 15 seconds later a 4 person team goes in.Then 15 seconds later another 4 person team until we run out of people Then as people get eliminated we build additional 4 person teams, , then as each team accumulates it is released. the game is every team for itself.
This exercises entering a **very hostile** environment.. and you have to work together, and move aggressivly, its intense.. and a huge amount of fun.

So when you think about "training" at TTAC3 .. this is what we do.

In addition to this we do have formal courses in CQB tactics.. and soon many other offerings in all aspects of Airsoft play, indoors and outdoors, but these courses are optional. for those who want to take them.

No one is going to force you to learn anything... but the way we play.. you will learn while you play.

There is plenty of room for guys who "just want to play" as that is mostly all we really do.

If anyone has any questions about our approach.. please ask me
Brian McIlmoyle
TTAC3 Director
CAPS Range Officer
Toronto Downtown Age Verifier


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