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Is it blind fire?



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Old March 28th, 2015, 03:19   #1
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Vancouver, BC
Is it blind fire?

Lets say that Im behind a wooden pallet that I can see through. I am firing off from behind it, but only stick my blaster out, or stick it through a hole like in the video below. I cannot see down my sights or my gun, but i can see where they are going. Am I blind firing?


Years ago when i use to paintball, I got shot by a renter sticking his gun out from the side of a wooden pallet. He claimed that it wasnt blind fire as he could see where he was shooting through the pallet. I had always been told that if you cant look down your gun, it was blind fire. However, I decided to let it slide since i was pissed off about the situation(long story), and it was better to back away and cool off. I've thought about it a few times since then, and TBH im not sure if what he was doing could be qualified as blind firing, since he could indeed see where he was shooting.

What do you guys think?
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Old March 28th, 2015, 03:45   #2
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That's not necessarily blind firing, that's just being an asshole. Kids that use transparent "tactical shields" in CQB aren't blind firing, they're just being assholes. If there is a man-made hole big enough for you to aim down your sights, then I think its okay. A few holes in a pallet would be fine, some random hole in a wall is not.

I was once accused of blind fire because I shot at a guy that was behind brush, and I could see his outline.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 03:51   #3
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We run a rule that if you can't put your clenched fist thru a man made opening it's considered blind fire. That generally cleans things up on the field as it makes it very obvious what can/can't be used.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 03:57   #4
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I was once at Ultimate Airsoft and had a similar situation. A guy was proned next to a wall that was made out of this translucent, semi-transparent plastic material and shooting on the right side of it with just his gun and helmet sticking out. You could see outlines in the plastic, but only if you were moving or wearing a dark shade since it was white tinted. I was returning to spawn and was approaching him on the left, and told him to stop shooting because he couldn't/didn't see me, and couldn't hear me either, and i don't want to get shot in the ankle because that shit hurts (implying that people were trying to shoot back at him, i would be directly in the line of fire).

Now here's where it's different. The guy was peaking in and out and taking pot shots when he wasn't looking outwards. He would acquire target, go back behind the wall, and keep shooting. Dick move. I wanted to step on his gun because he wouldn't stop shooting, and wanted to avoid going over him (again, people might have been shooting at him, don't want to get shot again while respawning). I ended up doing just that and afterwards, had to tell him to get up and stop doing that shit because it's considered blind firing, he wasn't listening and getting shot point blank in the ankle hurts.

If he's actively looking and shooting, I suppose this isn't a case of blind fire. If he's acquiring targets, and shooting with just his gun sticking out without revealing himself, then that's blind firing. Without an alternative angle to see where the person is facing and positioned, I can't say with certainty that the scenario such as the one in the video constitutes as blind firing.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 04:07   #5
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Location: St. John's
My understand of blind firing is if you cannot see where your rounds are going, not aiming, or any other situation that would be considered 'just like firing while blindfolded'.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 09:37   #6
Brian McIlmoyle
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Location: Toronto
If you can not see what you are shooting, it's blind fire. If you can, by any means see your target( including with some device) it is not blind fire.

Using soft cover as hard cover is a dick move. Like hiding behind a tarp.. While. It gets hammered with rounds..
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Old March 28th, 2015, 09:42   #7
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IMO, if you're sticking your gun around a corner off your shoulder, not looking down sights, barrel, or even seemingly close to shooting remotely like a paintballer, I'd consider that blind fire.

I mean, if seeing where bb's go is enough of a requirement to certify "x" action as not blind firing, I'll be the first to get one of those 90 degree angle mirror things and shoot around corners w/ that.

Hell, with all the cheap camcorders on the market, I can make something like a cornershot. Which raises another related and interesting question, would a cornershot, or using an assisted viewing device mounted on an airsoft gun to shoot around corners from cover count as blind firing?

Are we after the literal interpretation of the the rule, where as long as you can see where your bb's go, its ok? Or do we enforce the spirit of the rule pertaining to blind firing?
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Old March 28th, 2015, 09:51   #8
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Is it so hard for someone to know use their sights and shoot? :l I've seen people blind fire and its lulzy, you get hit you respawn, simple.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 10:11   #9
Brian McIlmoyle
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Toronto
The no blind fire rule is a safety rule. So that someone just around a corner is not shot in the face at close range by a gun poked around the corner.

That is it.

It's not about "fairness" you wanna use a mirror, go ahead you wanna use a video camera go ahead.

This is also why I enforce a gun hit = gun destroyed rule so that people can counter such actions.

Not all games are .. Get hit, go respawn type games,
Brian McIlmoyle
TTAC3 Director
CAPS Range Officer
Toronto Downtown Age Verifier


If the tongue could cut as the sword does, the dead would be infinite

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Old March 28th, 2015, 10:19   #10
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Location: London
100% what Brian said.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 11:33   #11
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I think there's a sportsmanlike thing to it, but Ive fired from the hip before. I wasn't befind cover, but I'm not behind my sights. I think that you need to be behind and over your barrel, one way or another. Wether your aiming down the sights or beside your barrel, standing over it, or using an aim assist decive.

Basically you have to be playing with honor and taking responsibility for your shots. So however you're shooting you need a safe field of view.

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Old March 28th, 2015, 13:49   #12
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The classic definition of blind fire is holding your weapon over your head in a trench, out around a corner, or sticking it in a doorway and hosing. You can't see a target, you can't see where your rounds are landing and you're blind.

Point shooting, snap shooting, shooting from retention, shooting from the hip etc. still has your eyes on the target. This isn't some sort of 1800s flintlock duel.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 14:13   #13
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was it blind fire when I drove my R/C tiger through splatters and used its airsoft gun to shoot people camping behind buildings?

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Old March 28th, 2015, 16:04   #14
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It's purely a safety rule
If you can't see down your sights, you're blind firing. Simple as that.

I've seen people look through cracks while their gun is above cover and they can see where their BBs are going. Problem is they have no fucking clue they're aiming at your face from 30ft away until they shoot you in the face. Then rage ensues and someone gets banned or hurt.

The other issue is you have no idea what's going on on the other side of cover. More applicable to cover that's not a single wood pallet, but basically you don't know if someone is going to walk right in front of your barrel and take a shot to the neck point blank.

However, there IS a way around blind firing through those cracks. If you back up enough that you can see the peripheral around cover AND use your sights to aim, it's acceptable to shoot through the crack to the other side.
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Old March 28th, 2015, 18:23   #15
Brit ter
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