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Potential Indoor CQB Site



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Old February 2nd, 2015, 15:24   #1
Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Nanaimo, B.C.
Potential Indoor CQB Site


I have the opportunity of obtaining an indoor site here in Nanaimo right downtown. We would renovate it with proper CQB type structures for room clearing etc.

The rent is extremely reasonable which I would pay then charge a user fee per person the same as a field fee.

It would not be opened 24hrs. but would be available through reservation.

Any thoughts?

Do you think this might be something a group would use?

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Old February 2nd, 2015, 15:49   #2
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Location: Danger Zone
You better start by checking local bylaws to see if that's allowed within the city.
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Old February 2nd, 2015, 16:09   #3
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Location: Victoria, BC
Try contacting Northern Arms Airsoft on facebook, they are the largest group on the island.

Keep in mind you will need a lot more than just an empty building for this to work. There is insurance, utilities, etc. Can you really afford to be open 4-8 days a month and make money?

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Old February 2nd, 2015, 17:12   #4
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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
You better start by checking local bylaws to see if that's allowed within the city.
I agree with Danke. Local bylaws will likely be the biggest obstacle. There'd likely have to be some special zoning for that unless the location in question is already zoned to allow some sort of firearms range.

Nanaimo's Firearms Discharge Bylaw

There was a recent attempt to open one in Richmond that initially fell on it's face due to similar bylaw issues. Despite their rather cold initial reaction, the local council and city staff now seem to working with the applicants to look at more appropriate locations.

The most notable sentiment from Richmond council was that they didn't want this sort of facility in the middle of town. However, they seemed much more receptive to one in an outlying industrial area.

Good luck on your endeavor!
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