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M4 Issues Need Fixing! Help!



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Old November 9th, 2014, 14:30   #1
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Exclamation M4 Issues Need Fixing! Help!

Sorry if this is not in the right section of the forums by the way.

So all I can show you is this one video. It explains it all:

I forgot to mention the gun specs, my bad.

- DBoy's M4 CQB Non Blowback AEG Full Metal.
- Openable Dust Cover with dummy bolt catch.
- 420+ FPS with Barrel Extension.
- 1/1 Scale High Performance
- Reinforced Gearbox with 7mm Bearings.

It Costs about $280 where I live. With all the tax.

Zoltan Suha

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Old November 9th, 2014, 14:50   #2
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Charging handle:
It looks like you need to replace the charging handle spring and the charging handle arm that taps the cover. Stores like and have these two, as well as the full dytac charging handle kit.

Buffer tube:
Make sure the screw inside the tube is screwed down. Then you can tighten the ring on the outside. Threadlocker can help stop it from moving around.

RIS wobble:
You may need to tighten the D-ring at the base. If the barrel still moves around, you can use some barrel shims in between the D-ring and the barrel before screwing it onto the upper receiver.

Apologies for the brief answer. I'm on my mobile

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Old November 9th, 2014, 14:51   #3
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there is a doctor corner, that you could have posted...
Would be helpful if you added more details, like is an aeg or a gas gun and what brand
the buffer tube, you need an ar15 armourer wrench
the barrel, if you do not have a gas tube, just tighten the delta ring with said wrench
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Old November 9th, 2014, 14:54   #4
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So for #1, I have never been able to find the part alone (if anyone knows where to find the springs for the charging handles please let me know) but you'll need a new charging handle assembly because it seems like it's stretched out. In the future don't pull back on it so hard. I guess you could get a BCM or Stag Arms charging handle or whatever the "eleet oper8rs use" if you wanted. Or just find an OEM replacement. Once you separate the upper and lower you'll see how it's assembled back and how it actually releases the dust cover. The other option is to reverse how the spring is mounted on the dust cover so that it's constantly open which is something I've seen people do.

#2 Get a long screwdriver and screw in the screw inside the buffer tube, as well get an AR wrench (they should be able to be found for around $30-ish for a real steel one, don't get an airsoft one they're just as expensive and probably made of worse materials) and tighten the castle nut.

#3 Also should be able to be solved with an AR wrench, basically take off the rails and hold back the delta ring while tightening the barrel nut using the AR wrench.
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Old November 9th, 2014, 15:31   #5
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Location: Oakville - ON
The spring:

Check the rest of the misc/small external parts for more replacement pieces for the assembly. Also carries the full kit with spring.

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Old November 9th, 2014, 16:02   #6
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charging handle spring is stretched... you can fix that by cutting a section off and bending a loop out to reattach to the screw... that screw crossthreads easily so be careful, if it does, it'll probably snap in the upper receiver.

Since you're missing the lock on the handle, you will probably need to replace the whole assembly anyways.

The receivers were probably split at some point and the spring was stretched while taking it apart or putting it back together. Depending on the brand of your gun, the charging handle may or may not open the dust cover. Only the ones with the fake bolt lock should pop it open as far as I know, since I've seen them not pop open on g&g combat machines and nylon fiber KA m4s.

Back off the castle nut on the buffer tube, get a long philips screw driver and take the stock off the buffer tube. Tighten the screw inside, then tighten on the castlenut. Don't tighten it too much because it might pull the gearbox out of alignment and you'll lose airseal at the hopup. You can loctite that buffer tube screw into place, you'll need to pull it out and apply some thread locker to it, not too much, you need to pull it off if the gearbox ever needs servicing... just enough to keep the screw from loosening. Don't lose the lock washer between the screw and the plate. If there is no lock washer there, go to the hardware store and get one, it helps the buffer tube not loosen.

You can try tightening the delta ring, but some m4s just have sloppy outer barrels. If you overtighten you can crack the upper receiver and still have the outer barrel loose. You'll need to try tightening it and if it doesn't help, you'll need to shim it, like it was mentioned.

Handguard rails tend to wobble a bit sometimes. Find creative ways to shim it tight once all the fasteners are tightened and properly locked down.
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Old November 9th, 2014, 16:22   #7
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Thanks to all of you!

I just now have to go get these things. I'll probably post another video up here in a bit of me stripping it apart. I don't want to damage anything and If I do, you guys would see it.
Zoltan Suha
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