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Mid Cap Mag question


Newbie Tank

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Old May 29th, 2014, 19:34   #16
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Mississauga
Movement and position will get you more kills than spraying ammo everywhere. Learning to be where and when is gold. And it doesn't matter how big/slow you are. Speed def helps, but positioning can be done by anyone.

Rant aside, most mags seem to work ok these days for AR unless there is something on the gun side that is unique. If you like quality, I still love my Magpul pmags. They aren't cheap if you can find them but after starting off with high caps, going to metal mids, I love the pmags the most. They make all the other mags feel cheap.

Learning to play with limited ammo, managing mag changes, playing with semi auto is where you start developing skills that will help with the body count, esp if you play indoors. Full auto is stupid indoors.. imho.
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Old May 29th, 2014, 20:49   #17
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Acton, On
My Rig carries 10 mags. I have never use anything more the true caps mags.
10X 28 = 280 rounds. If you cant select your shots and get your kills, Stick too skrims, Don't bother with anything other.
B.A. Level 3 Cert.
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Old May 29th, 2014, 21:40   #18
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: St. Catherine's , Ontario
Elite force plastic mid caps. Some people don't like them but I have 10, and I know a number of other guys with them and they have no problems with them. One of the cheapest box sets you can buy, and so far my favorite.
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Old May 29th, 2014, 21:56   #19
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Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Petawawa
King arms mags are very good I recommend them, they feel sturdy compared to the other ones i have and feed well. midcaps make more sense for airsoft imho because in airsoft when playing woodland you need 3-4bbs to get simmilar results as one bullet real steel plus most mid caps have 90-120 so less reloading and if you want you can load between 1-90/110/120 bbs if you want to restrict your self to more realistic ammo counts but like the option of going fully loaded
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