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Using Air canon in big games



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Old October 26th, 2013, 19:14   #1
Join Date: Mar 2010
Using Air canon in big games

hey guys, Halestorm and I made a Air canon that shoots the mini nerf vortex footballs, the idea to use in big milsim games to take out Vehicles.

It is charged to 60 psi with a safety pressure valve so it doesn't exceed 100 psi using schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings, which has a max rating of 280 psi so 60 is well with in safe operating limits. It has a psi gage on it as well to insure it is not over charged. On a 60 psi charge we are getting 200-250 feet. It can be charged two ways, 1 with a bike pump 2 with a co2 12 gram cartridge.

Safety is always the biggest concern, and I was shot with it at about 50 feet, it hit my arm and it felt like a decent punch from a buddy. No bruising but left a red mark witch dissapeared quickly. They are a lot of fun, but again safty is our biggest concern.

What do you guys think of using this in a milsim game with vehicles. We made a video which i will link.

Air Canon for airsoft - YouTube
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Old October 26th, 2013, 19:43   #2
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I like it. Not sure if i'd like to be shot by it on an open vehicle, say an ATV.. but otherwise, i'd call it a good weapon for enclosed vehicles/vehicles with more skin surface to hit, or even "bunker busting" .. bunker gets hit by that, all occupants of bunker are dead.
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Old October 26th, 2013, 20:04   #3
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I think the question of usage in MilSim games should be asked to the game's host. Not every host has the same rules or safety restrictions.

It's a good addon though to add realism to games that includes In-Game vehicles. Once again, it's the host's call to decide or not to allow homemade stuff to the game for security mesures.

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Old October 26th, 2013, 20:04   #4
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Old October 26th, 2013, 20:29   #5
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I totally agree it will be up to game host, and would not bring it if not allowed
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Old October 26th, 2013, 21:09   #6
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Been done a hundred times before, generally good for taking out vehicles, never use them against people.

We used to have an air powered mortar that shot styrofoam shell BB canisters that exploded on impact. Great for use in woods, but hurt like hell if it hit anyone (hit 3 people with it, no injuries). Discontinued due to lack of determination in making rounds and safety concerns.
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