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bb jams, weight or manufacturer?


Newbie Tank

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Old September 12th, 2013, 19:14   #1
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bb jams, weight or manufacturer?

Hi guys,

Recently picked up my first gun, a G&P M4. It came with a bag of .20g King Arms bb's, but since I play mostly outdoors, I picked up a bag of Bioval .25g's. Problem I'm having is that with the KA .20g's the gun shoots fine everytime, with the .25g Bioval's it almost always jams up the first few shoots, dry fires, double shoots, etc. Once I get it firing, it's usually ok for the rest of the mag, but when I have to change mags or if I'm sitting somewhere and don't shoot for an extended length of time, I run the risk of it jamming again.

Would this be a problem with the weight or just the gun doesn't happen to like that particular manufacturer, or something bigger? I searched the forums and Bioval doesn't seem to be a bad brand, plus most of the guys at the field I play at use them with no problems.
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Old September 12th, 2013, 19:42   #2
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Manufacture. Weight should not play a factor as the size remains the same. The DENSITY is what is changing. Now, this doesn't mean that bioval bbs are bad, but maybe they have not the same dimensions as the KA ones (for example 5.96 vs 5.93mm) which is not going well with your mags, or maybe the bio property is making them stick in the mag. Also, maybe you got a bad batch? Or maybe your mag is not good, but happens to like KA bbs. Who knows? You'd have to try a few different brands and a few different mags (I mean different models).
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