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Zulu 1 Military Simulations



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Old May 22nd, 2014, 15:28   #76
Join Date: Nov 2011
Nice one Kimbo,

We are glad for the good and positive feedback.

Our style of MILSIM will not be everyone's thing, but if you want to experience a realistic challenging military experience, then TIER 1 and ZULU 1 are the only organisation that do this level of MILSIM events.


Ed (TIER 1 - UK) /
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Old May 24th, 2014, 11:34   #77
Torn Soul
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I think the Chairsofters need to get out to one of Zulu 1/TIER 1's events to understand where the sport really got it's roots.

Now I don't expect everyone to understand and enjoy this type of event. This isn't Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty. This is soldiering, and whatever that requires. I've had some people complain about the seriousness of it, and I get that sometimes you just want to sling plastic and do non-stop skirmish. But if you want a true operation feel, these guys are the ones to see. TIER 1 is top notch in UK for this type of event which is very popular over there, and Zulu 1 is their sister company in Canada.

Very fun event, very good feel. The leadership was great. I'll be going back as many times as I can afford to.

If you're a fair weather player, or just a chairsofter who's got it all figured out, well you probably don't do many events anyways so clear the comms.
Ross McDowell
Rocky Mountain Pathfinders [RMP] Military Simulation Group

Primary: A&K PTW
Secondary: G&G C7A2

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