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mid-cap help?


Newbie Tank

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Old May 19th, 2013, 18:36   #1
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Ontario
mid-cap help?

hey guys,

I was playing td and some of my m4 mid caps weren't feeding that great. but when I released them from my gun, and put them back in they worked. I heard some where that tightening the spring would help them feed. I looked on youtube and surprisingly enough there wasn't anything so I thought id try here. idk if its true but if you guys could help me out that would be awesome.

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Old May 19th, 2013, 20:42   #2
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Firstly I assume you have an AEG, not a GBBR or PTW.

What is happening is the midcap isn't seating fully into the magwell and is not able to release the latch on the magazine which allows bb's to feed into the hopup. You can modify the magazine to fix this issue. The mod is as follows:

Remove all BB's from the magazine.
In the tube, were the BB's feed, you will see a latch that sticks across to prevent BB's from pouring out when the magazine is out of the gun. This is the latch that is engaged when you put the magazine into the gun, it is engaged from the bottom of the hop up pressing into the magazine. You need to shave a LITTLE bit (like, 1/10th of a millimeter at a time) off of this latch with a razor.
You need to shave enough that it is easier for the hop up to engage, but not too much, so that the BB's stay in the magazine when not loaded in the gun.
Do not fuck up, if you take too much off, there is no easy fix other than to buy a new magazine. You have been warned.

If you need photos, I can arrange to get them to you in a couple days, or someone else might pipe in.

This is an issue I had with King Arms magazines when I ran a KWA. Fixed all the feed issues on every single magazine.

You can clearly see the latch here.

Make sure you push the BB follower (the plastic piece that pushes the BB's through the magazine) down and out of the way of the latch before you cut it. The follower looks like this:

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