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please delete this post


Newbie Tank

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Old March 11th, 2013, 17:26   #1
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please delete this post

found my answer...

I would like your opinion on the Echo1 USA CSR Dragunov AEG sniper.

From what I read it's a ''aeg sniper'', all the power of a sniper riffle with semi-auto capability.

The game I've played so far had been in 3 feet of snow so this kind of gun would have been great (no one can run...).

During a ''normal'' outside game, I wonder if it would be usefull...
Would it have a better range then a fully up-graded aeg?
If the fps was lower to 400fps (so not to have the distance restriction for sniper) would the longer barrel would be enough to compensate the lost of rof (semi-auto maybe 2-3 a sec)?

If someone use one...

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Old March 11th, 2013, 17:41   #2
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If you want a GOOD DMR, I would start with a good brand like realsword
1) FPS means very little in terms of range and accuracy
2) match your BB weight to your fps, 380fps = .28g BB, 470fps = .36g BB etc
3) range and accuracy means a high quality barrel, perfect compression & seal, and a high quality hop rubber
4) beyond 430mm or so, any extra barrel length is just a waste

I ran my marui VSR-10 at 380fps for a long time, and it had incredible range and accuracy. But that's a bolt action rifle and in every way mechanically superior to an AEG in terms of achieving perfect compression.
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