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Stolen Valour - Warning: Player impersonating Canadian Forces Officer



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Old July 9th, 2012, 17:11   #31
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I was with Koke when he first talked to c3sk about this issue with Richard, which was not more than an hour after Koke's conversation with Richard.

The conversation went along the line of, "This game is awesome, there's even a Captain here in full work uniform...", and both c3sk and I looked at each other and said, "What?".

After confirming he was talking about Richard... We asked him what Richard had said.

"Well he said he was with Queens North York Rangers".

That's a very specific piece of information to just give out when meeting someone for the first time.


As an aside. When we were checking in player's gear for the zombie game, which we were marking with masking tape and a player name, Richard asked me if his service number would be adequate. He then showed me the side of his CADPAT duffle, which had a coyote sheet with a bunch of info on it.

Now, I know Richard was not active CF, (though I didn't know about prior service, if any); so I told him he gets the masking tape like everyone else.

This conversation didn't stick out until later in the night when Koke, c3sk and myself were trying to figure wtf was going on.

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Old July 9th, 2012, 17:15   #32
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alright, i never really post on the boards and i probably wont even read the replies later nor do i have any interest in reading these 2 pages beside the original post and daggers. but i do attend games and will say this. I have played with Dark Angel at a lot of games, i have heard him ream people out about safety and other stuff, i have NEVER seen him try and hurt any individual or go out of his way to be unsafe or unsportsmanlike at a game. I in the past have spoken with him before when we met years ago and when we hung out during an age verification event, and in general outside of airsoft. He has always said that his Canadian Forces Experience was HIGH SCHOOL CO-OP and i can vouch that his epaulettes are some spectre command bs and are not real. He has never in my knowledge or earshot claimed to be a captain or officer or whatever it is that you think he said he was. i have nothing against koke nor will i say that koke is lying. i don't know him well enough for either but he does have alot of respect on the boards. as far as dagger is concerned what happened 6 years ago or so i don't know, nor do i care but whats old is old, don't re hash. and i specifically remember last year at the zombie game when i was with king six, gato and another quest i brought to the field, c3sk came up and asked if he was cf, or rather if he was ever a officer in the cf and he said no. if you want to message me for something specific text or call me if you have my number, if not pm me. otherwise im pretty much done.
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Old July 9th, 2012, 17:20   #33
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Here is the deal.

I have been informed that Richard Boelens will be hunting down his paperwork to support claims of having Co-Op placement with the CF.

If unable to produce said documentation, as Kokanee has stated.. Queen's York Rangers are investigating the issue, and will hopefully produce something to help clear things up. With any luck this is just one big huge misunderstanding which can be put to bed.

We all want this sorted out. If there is a previous issue with Richard Boelens, it can be handled elsewhere, anything beyond the topic at hand is out of scope. Until supporting evidence is produced from either party, I will be locking this thread.

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