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Old May 17th, 2012, 09:23   #16
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A small game we play is called; Assassins. It's designed to work on aggressively trying to take out your targets quickly, and consistently.

The basic idea, is based around a free-for-all. Last man standing wins, but with a twist. Anyone who is killed returns to the safe/respawn area and drops their gun and "any" unwanted gear. this is to lighten their load, and give them greater celerity. They then pick up a rubber training knife, and immediately return to the field as an "assassin".

The assassin's main objective is to "run down" the remaining players and wipe them out, creating more assassins. The assassins themselves cannot be shot at or killed. So as five, six, seven players return into game; the remaining players have little time to finish off their remaining opponents before being run down, or swarmed.

Last man with gun wins!

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Old May 17th, 2012, 18:33   #17
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My favourite scenario last year was also a VERY simple and very much "keep the action going for everyone" scenario. You design a route through your field (it should be a decently large one). Then you plant pilons along this route every 150ft.

The convoy team starts at the start point of the route and moves along the route and must complete the route in X minutes (20, 45, whatever). A timer ticks away. Every time the convoy reaches a new pilon, that's the convoy's new spawn point. The attackers can spawn from a whole bunch of convenient locations and can go wherever they please...

BUT... the convoy team can ONLY stay along the road, or 5 feet off the road -- no further.

Everybody keeps respawning and the action is non-stop.

We played this at Maxwell field last summer and Maddog kept our entire team at bay for what seemed like forever at the base of a hill.
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Old May 18th, 2012, 10:05   #18
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The best game I had was 2 weeks M-4 went down and the only available loaner was a MK23 non-blowback pistol with a suppressor.This gun has glow in the dark sights and is also very quiet.So we are playing at night with the field lit up by 2 flood lights so there are lots of shadows to hide in,I managed to take out 2 enemys by shooting them and I was able to silently sneak up on the last opponent who was hiding in the command post and I was able to get close enough to touch him with the suppressor and say "bang,your dead"..I am 6"2 and 260 lbs so I don't usually sneak very well...the mercy kill asked where is my backup but I had already taken them out....vey fun,thanks for reading and y'all play safe with integrity
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Old May 21st, 2012, 20:01   #19
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Originally Posted by Taxt View Post
Vehicle convoy.

That's a scenario that no one will feel mundane about.

I did OPFOR for a local Armor unit here in BC. It is definitely fun but we had lots close calls. I almost had a head on collision against a G-Wagon. Is a good thing no one get hurts otherwise, u guys have to use necromancy to talk to me now.

sent me a pm if you guys need more idea about how to run a game involve vehicle.
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