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Rules Question for Classifieds


Newbie Tank

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Old February 27th, 2012, 11:05   #1
Jonezy's Customs
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Rules Question for Classifieds

Hello everyone,

I figured this was the best place to post my introduction and ask a question of the moderators here. Please bear with me if there is a simple answer to my question somewhere on this site. I've searched for a while and haven't found the answer.

Question: May I post a copy of this thread: in the Classifieds section without getting in trouble or having it locked, deleted, or erased? I am NOT a retailer (I.E., I don't have a business license of any kind. I'm just one guy in a little workshop making some cool little products). If not, may I post it in the Retailers section?

Intro: I'm a college student living in Northwest Ohio. I love working on guns and turning regular AEGs into performance enhanced high-powered long range tack drivers that rarely ever need maintenance and never fail. I can install R/IR/ER/IER-hop contact patches and I also have access to Bridgeport CNC milling machines for barrel window extensions.

Thanks for reading.


EDIT: I am NOT going to attempt to get complete replicas across the border AT ALL. I realize this is illegal and will likely result in seized packages. At the very most, I would be shipping strictly internals across after being sent in for upgrades and modifications.
I offer airsoft products and services engineered for supremacy. PM me for details.

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Old February 27th, 2012, 13:11   #2
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Technically, if you're selling items to turn a profit, then the forum would deem you to be a retailer, regardless of whether you pay your taxes or not, have a physical shop or not, or whether you have a business license or not.

However, small start ups inspire an industry, and innovative products need support. I would suggest talking to the retailers that already exist here to see if you can get support through them to sell your product for you. You may be able to get more clarification through "bean" as well, as he's currently running the retailer subscription operation.
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