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NI-CD Battery


Newbie Tank

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Old January 31st, 2012, 00:22   #1
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NI-CD Battery

Sorry if this has been posted, I've searching.
please correct me if I'm wrong on my answer to my own question

For Ni-Cd battery

1) What state do you store it as? discharged (~1.0V/cell) partial charge, or fully charged?
(A) store at discharge state

2) What volt does one discharge the battery to?
(A)From what I've understand, Ni-Cd discharge should NOT got below 1.0V/cell is this correct?

3) What should one do before using it next day?
(A) Discharge to 1.0V/cell, fast recharge, discharge again to 1.0V/cell then recharge regularly

4) Does discharging shorten the life of Ni-Cd?
(A) I did not find any conclusive answer

The third question is the one I've seem to find answers contradicting each other

For those who knows electrochemistry I would appreciate your knowledge
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