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Beware of manchovie!!!



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Old February 4th, 2012, 21:39   #166
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Well we already know that dry firing is bad for the gun. Which is why you are only suppose to do it very little.

Hearing the rattle after you dry fired it doesn't mean it was broken to begin with. Was the rattle there before you fired it?

Lets just think about this for a sec. Why would he take apart a mechbox. Break a gear. Then put the mechbox together WITH the broken gear and lose teeth back inside it.

If he was going to hide the broken gear on you, he would have taken it out. Because without that broken teeth loose in the mechbox, it would have fired fine and you would have never known. Its the fact that there was a loose piece in the mechbox and it jamming either the piston or gears was preventing it from doing a complete cycle. And there basically no chance on someone not seeing the broken gear when you open the mechbox because you need to reset most of the internals anyways for timing and the fact that every time you take apart a mechbox shit flies everywhere.

If a gear broke, that means it was going to break sooner or later. It just happen to break at a time where the gun was trading hands from manchovie to you. You can't fault him for that. Im sure if you didn't hound him like crazy to start with he would have been fine with looking at the gun again but since there was such a bad repore with him. He just wanted to end business with you.

Yes it is a pain that you had to wait so long to get the gun back. But if you were in a rush to get it back, you could have picked it up and gone else where. It was always an option. You can't please everyone, so youre the 0.1% bad feedback from him due to tardiness, not bad workmanship.
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Old February 4th, 2012, 21:57   #167
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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
I don't think any good will come of this just close it and let this be lost in the records of crap. He is obviously pissed and feels it cannot be getting any worse so he feels he needs to continue to rant about this 'injustice'. Lets do everyone a favor and lock it. When manchovie is ready to post unlock it let him post and re-lock it. You can read still and your opinion will be made regardless of weather you post it or not.
The only good that can come out of this thread now is hopefully someone with a little more sense than you realizes that there are some fake, ignorant people hiding behind a profile that makes them out to be some good gun doc. Now that a bunch of you have polluted this thread, let alone this website, nobody will even know about my situation once a mod deletes this thread and my feedback again because they dont want one of their precious platinum members reputation being hurt anymore. The fact you say that it should be locked again until manchovie FINALLY decides to stop being a vagina and posts in here for once, then lock it right back up, proves exactly what ive just said. But then when he finally does decide to post, which is going to be lie after lie trying to cover himself up, everyone is just going to believe his fairytale story because hes a 'respected' member and anything against him just cant be true. I found that is exactly the mindset of most of you people the day I posted this thread.

Im done talking about this tonight I have better stuff to do on a saturday night, unlike most of you guys, than try to force some common sense into some people here.
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Old February 4th, 2012, 22:05   #168
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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Definitely, not going to trust another random guy just because his friends or other just looking at his profile on a website say he's "good"
Quite right. You should try them all randomly until you find one that meets your unreasonable expectations.

Now i definitely see whats the problem here, not only are you people ignorant blah blah blah .
I'm going to be blunt. Not that it's particularly unusual.

If you are dissatisfied with how you were treated, then that's your prerogative. However, just about everyone here, including many gun techs, believe that based on your own explanation of the events; you in fact are the one being unreasonable.

ASC, the site you're currently on, is the Universe as far as the airsoft community in Canada is concerned. Manchovie's reliability, and contributions to the community, for the sake of this comparison, are on par with those of general relativity within this Universe.

You however, are unknown, have contributed nothing, and are generally irrelevant within the universe of Airsoft in Canada.

Now unless you have something earth-shattering to say that firmly demonstrates why you should be taken seriously, and a well respected member should be thrown under the bus in the process, anything further from you on the subject is just more unsubstantiated crap.

Lastly on the subject, a piece of advice. Either sell your airsoft gear and get into another sport, or learn to fix your own guns. Because after this little demonstration, there's no way in hell that anyone is going to do it for you, for any amount of money.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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Old February 4th, 2012, 22:06   #169
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Is this thread still going?

Wow, went on longer than I thought it would...
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Old February 4th, 2012, 22:09   #170
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Please note that user "Bdot" has been Permabanned.

Enough is enough.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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Old February 4th, 2012, 22:14   #171
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One side has been heard, unless Manchovie choses to add his side to this thread it is not going to be doing anything positive....

Lets keep in mind Bdot may have had a better outcome if he was a more active member IN the community and chose his words and attitude differently. It's as much HOW you post as what you post.

Live and learn everyone.

Carnival is closed.
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Old February 6th, 2012, 02:13   #172
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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
First of all, I didn't complain to you iLLusion, I wanted a reason why I got banned other than needing to 'take a bread'...
Turns out I did write "take a bread" -- it was obviously a typo, and should have been "take a break"

Hopefully that makes more sense to you (not that you'll ever read this now)

And for the record, no other reason is needed to issue a time out.
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