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Rap4/ram 1r conversion help



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Old January 2nd, 2012, 13:13   #1
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Rap4/ram 1r conversion help

HI, I am hoping this is not a stupid question since i am not in the newby section. I am looking at getting into airsoft and want to buy my first gun, I am in the process of getting age verrified i have seen my local avd and am waiting for the teir1 to finish.
In the meantime i was watching a local classifieds and saw a add for a rap4 marker for really cheap. i went and bought it figuring worst case i can trade it for a airsoft gun.
The gun is a RAM 1R, it is .43 cal and the previous owner must have been a little special cause he took a really nice gun and either chopped the barrel or put a pistol barrel in it??? wtf its about 5" long and really dumb looking. so i was wanting to purchase a new barrel and looking online and found out there are conversion kits to airsoft for these guns atleast the rap4. so i looked on this forum for info on it and did not find a whole lot (i am new to forums aswell and my search skills probably lack luster) but enough that i know some people on here have opinions on them such as the website i was looking at was not recomended, so here are my questions

1. can the RAM 1R be converted the same as the rap4, is it the same parts?

2. is there a retailer on here that carries these parts or recomendations for a website that has good deals and i will recieve my package and not customs.

3. is there a airsoft m4 barrel that will thread into the action of the gun and replace the original .43 cal barrel for a 6mm

i have a hope for this gun to look like a m16 and would prefer a longer barrel (20" ) then i can hopefully get a good long range rifle and get a aeg mp5 and a side arm and that would do for now.

thanks for reading and if this is a dumb newby question please feel free to say so and point me in the right direction.
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