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Lethbridge Airsoft



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Old August 10th, 2011, 18:01   #1
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Talking Lethbridge Airsoft

so i got me and 3 other ppl that wanna go airsofting, we have relatives that own a farm but its not that great this time of year. we all have good guns but we need a place that we could rent a gun or 2 if we brought more people, weve got coulee runners but i dont think we need to be over 18 which most of us arent, but 16s mature enough to know wtf to do. were all over 16. anyone willing to tell us where to airsoft, where to get good bio-degradeable bbs, and where we could rent/borrow a gun or 2? thx
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Old August 10th, 2011, 18:26   #2
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Clearly you didnt read any of the stickie posts in the various forum categorys, hope you brought your fire proof suit.

Originally Posted by c3sk View Post
What happens in the BOX stays in the BOX.
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Old August 10th, 2011, 18:29   #3
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Ignorance isn't really appreciated here.


If you're not of age, Simply wait another two years. Its not hard, get involved in paintball or do something more productive for the time.

Claiming maturity is a pretty blatant sign of immaturity, by the way. Prove it and maybe things will change.

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Old August 10th, 2011, 19:21   #4
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First, Lethbridge isn't like Calgary, Toronto, or Vancouver. Airsoft isn't really as established there. You have to drive out a few hours in order to play if you don't want to go to Coulee Runners (one of the places I'm thinking of you have to be introduced/vetted for).

Second, IF and only IF the farm is VERY secluded (ie. 10+ acres and a buffer zone that's fenced/treed where no one can see you or will EVER pass by) AND OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS (and I don't mean Coalhurst, Coaldale, etc. I mean properly outside city limits, in the sticks where there aren't any such bylaws like below).

Read this: (Section 15, subsections a to e):

Looking at Schedule A it's going to be a $500 fine AND the police will take all your stuff.
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Old August 11th, 2011, 13:04   #5
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You posted this right above here again. In the other thread you received a negative response and were told just to stop doing this and do not proceed. You obviously didnt listed or bother to do anything to help the situation. Neither of these threads should have been here if you had done your research or watch news at all.

Going to be glad to see a mod lock these if they would.
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