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Movie Costume Questions



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Old January 17th, 2011, 15:02   #1
Green Synergy
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Movie Costume Questions

My friend's filming a student film, and as the token friend who knows a lot about uniforms I've been asked to create a uniform for the characters. His plot revolves around a series of seemingly unrelated events during a shift at a police division in Toronto, and is filmed primarily indoors. Which is all fine and dandy, except we're in Toronto. Obviously I'm not going to directly copy a TPS uniform, but he does want me to get close as possible and I want to ensure that he doesn't create problems for himself. I've come up with some changes, but will they be enough?

- Uniform would be black instead of navy blue.
- No vest.
- No forage cap / combination cover.
- Any patches would be based off of Flashpoint's Metro Police Patches and if necessary, I wouldn't mind changing the words "Metropolitan Police" to "Metropolitan Division" or something similar.
- Instead of white borders and embroidery, everything is gold.
- If there is a red stripe on the trousers, it would be several times wider than TPS' red stripe... we're looking at an inch or more to make the difference clear. If a red stripe is pushing it, we'll dump the stripe and go with plain black trousers.

Opinions? I searched for a previous post on this, and I found one about getting the proper filming permits, which I forwarded to him and he confirmed he was getting the proper permits. But I do want to find that balance between staying out of trouble and making it believable as Toronto as much as possible without any other indications (Cruisers, stations, etc.)

My gut though is telling me these changes will not be enough. But I have no experience, hence I figured I'd ask those in the know.
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Old January 17th, 2011, 15:10   #2
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Contact the Toronto Police and talk to them about this.

He needs to of course inform the Police beforehand on where he'll be filming and that someone will be in a Police Uniform. They should have no problems if the person isn't pretending to be an officer when not filming.
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