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Certified Level 2/3 BA Operator?



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Old January 5th, 2011, 18:32   #1
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Certified Level 2/3 BA Operator?

I see these next to operators names when listed under teams and other areas.
Is it a written or shooting course?
Curious about what's involved. It looks as if it gives your name credibility.
What is this exactly?
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Old January 5th, 2011, 18:39   #2
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The BA certification is really only to shoot at higher FPS and isnt Acknowledged at all fields. Now that being said i do not have any nor will i ever have one but some guys do have it and yes it is a course given by a couple fellow airsofters. This is only a broad response as the course entitles a lot of other information just look it up in the search bar at the top youll find lots of info.
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Old January 6th, 2011, 09:12   #3
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It pretty much means you have been taught and understand how to be safe on the field when using an upgraded sniper rifle, as Spawn said. It's overall a day course that teaches you lots of tricks and tips, minimum engagment distances based upon the power of your gun, distance judging and testing, etc. So overall it's a sniper course to make you more effective on the field as an airsoft sniper, with the side benefit of allowing higher than normal velocities (Level 2 up to 500fps, Level 3 up to 550fps) for those fields that allow the certified ones to operate that way. Me, I have Instructor status and Level 3 (not that I advertise it though), yet I run my BA at 400fps (in the past I've run at 500fps and one game, 585fps) the past couple years and find it much more effective than higher velocities.
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