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how much oil for a tank of propane?



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Old November 15th, 2010, 13:21   #46
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OOOOOORRRR you can safely do it with one of these badboys when they're out

go TNB, it's these kinds of shenanigans plus some educated helpful imput from smart people online that make great things happen. the freaking out and jumping on people with halfbaked warnings is what keeps these great things from happening often.
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manchovie gun doc thread!

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Old November 15th, 2010, 20:34   #47
Shell Shock
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Just throwing in my 2 cents, i was playing a field in the states, and this guy had a similar rig set up. out of curiosity i asked him about it. he told me he had been experimenting at his college (i guess prof's need to "shoot the shit" every once and a while ^_^) for years to finally get this system working (the one he had on the field)

moral of the story: it took him years under lab conditions (from what he told me) to get a SAFE working system. mind you.. his also had auto fill peak detection ext ext.. if i can find his web page ill post it up.

shell shock
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