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Joining a sponsored team and need M4 help.


Newbie Tank

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Old August 20th, 2010, 09:10   #31
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Ignore all the retards who are trying to police the Internet.

Chat with your teammates. Go with the same rifles/system that they have. Same mags, batteries, chargers, etc... That way you can help each other out with spare mags, batts, repair parts, gun-doc'ing. That's what teammates are for, right?

G&P are nice, so are King Arms. Classic Army's are ok. VFC's are really nicely built. They all need a good once over for reliability. Ask your teammates for help.

Avoid the Systema Revolution mechboxes.

BUT...if it were me. I'd get 2 PTWs. One shorter CQB sized and one carbine sized.
1. Different setups for different things
2. they're essentially "hot-swappable" if you blow the circuits or toast a cylinder.

I have no idea how much stuff costs down where you set a budget and work with that. If your team is tight with the sponsor (assuming an airsoft shop)...maybe they'll let you plunk down a chunk now and pay the balance off on in installments. Dunno.
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Old August 20th, 2010, 10:38   #32
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I see... Rhode Island. I just learnt something new, that it's the smallest state.

Anyways, that shop seems to sell pretty standard fare. Not the greatest but not the worst bottom of the barrel pos clone brands either (but they seem to be mostly low-mid end clone brands).

I would say let the shop outfit you. I assume this isn't like a full sponsorship or anything (full sponsorships are kind of stupid IMO because there would be such blatant cheating at games much like paintball except since we go by the honour system theres no real way to get someone out unless a ref sees it and calls them out). It's likely just an informal sponsorship where you get their name out and they just give you small discounts and a few freebies.

Anyways good luck.
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