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COD Short Film, Looking for Volunteers, Q's answered by ASC Member.



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Old June 7th, 2010, 12:53   #1
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Cool COD Short Film, Looking for Volunteers, Q's answered by ASC Member.

Hey Fellas,

One of our producers has posted here before, unfortunately without all the necessary information for the ASC crowd. I thought it might be better coming from someone knowing the community a little better, and hopefully I can shed a bit more light on the subject and drum up some interest, and put some worries to ease.

We are producing a live action short film / Trailer based on call of duty modern warfare series. As mentioned before, this paticular shoot we will be doing will be that based off whiskey hotel. We perfer not to delve too far into the details of the project on the internets. We will shed more light to those interested in being part of it.

We are looking for 5-10 mature Volunteers who are willing to attend a shoot in the Brampton area (rides might be possible from downtown), this will be at night, staging at around 7:00 PM and going until the shots are done, possibly around 3-4am. We do not require any sort of acting experience as you will be playing roles that do not interact with the main character or camera directly, but we are specifically looking for people who can move confidently and convincingly as a seasoned soldier would. Everything from looking, keeping your gun up, to moving, taking cover, aiming, and running with a boatload of gear.

We prefer that you have your own gear. ACU and M4 varient on the US side, AK varients and flecktarn/woodland/tigerstripe for russians. No sidearm required. At least 1 extra mag for relaods. LBV's and Taclights highly recommended as this is at night.

We have access to some props and uniforms, but those generally reserved for the actors who do not have gear. If you think you may need a piece of uniform to augment your kit to complete the 'look'. let me know in your e-mail and we'll see if we can get that arranged for shoot day.

What you can expect on the set:

The terrain is soft dirt, may be a bit wet depending on the previous day's weather. Don't bring prestine looking stuff, you will most likely get a bit dirty as you will be taking cover in blast craters. Bring good boots for running, and moving on uneven soft terrain.

Your main roles will be close to the camera about 10 ft. away, we will be filming your back mostly as you'd be advancing with the camera. You will be doing everything from running, aiming, taking cover, taking orders, dying, yelling, reloading and all of the things you do in airsoft. EXCEPT SHOOTING. do not bring bbs, gas or batteries.

It is imparitive that you can take direction from the AD and director to have the shoot flow along.

It will be late, the date unconfirmed due to weather at night and outside. (but most likely in the next week or two), you will need to be well enough rested and be able to function smoothly during the shoot at an awkward hour, and ensure that it does not risk your daytime lives.

Unfortunately we cannot pay you. We'd love to, but we can only afford to feed you, give you credit, and give you the warm fuzzy feeling of being in an awesome film, and take part in really cool filming environment. And point at yourself with your friends when the project is done and unleased upon the world.

Regulations and stuff:

because I know a lot of you have concerns about this type of thing.

-We have permits for the shoot.
-we have permission to use the property from the owner/company.
-The police have been notified of all our previous run throughs, camera tests, lighting tests, and will be notified for the actual shoot day.
-you may see the permits and talk to our producer if you have concerns -if you are confirmed for taking part in the shoot. We are not posting or transmitting this electronically. We are based in toronto
-We will only be accepting around 5-15 people. No onlookers or bistandards, the set will be crowded with production staff.

We are looking for a mature core team of people helping out and being in the spotlight. Please PM me with the following info if you are interested, avaialble, and do not have any problems with the above. If you have a picture of your setup, that would help greatly as well.

e-mail contact:
Phone #: (to reach you to conf shoot date)
Notes about your setup: (what you think you may need to complete the look)

any concerns/questions:
Avaialble nights:

I will try to answer any questions you have as well as I can. This is a serious shoot, not commercial, but not amature either. We appreciate the help from the ASC community. Hope to see you on the field. I will confirm a date as soon as the weather cooperates, and I know myself..

Finally, yes, both Telkin and Valcrow will be on site during the shoot. We will coordinate the ASers on the field. Those who know us, played with us, bought stuff from us or in other ways dealt with us in the past for AS activities will be highly recommended for the spots.
I have 2 personalities, Telkin and Valcrow.

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Old June 8th, 2010, 13:34   #2
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Thanks to those who have pm'd me with your info and interest. Shoot is now tentatively scheduled for early next week. 14th-17th. Will update more as I get more info.
I have 2 personalities, Telkin and Valcrow.
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