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G&G PM5 A4 disassembly, painting, & maintenance


Newbie Tank

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Old May 14th, 2010, 02:12   #1
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G&G PM5 A4 disassembly, painting, & maintenance

hey all, just had some questions regarding my newly acquired gun, a G&G PM5 A4 (MP5 A4) pretty sure its the same one as from this review thread (

first off, ill start off with some humor...i already broke something :banghead:
i was doing some plinking and found that my sights were off as i was always hitting about an inch or inch and a half to the right of where i was aiming, so i figured id adjust the sights, i loosened the top screw for the rear sight, then proceeded to screw in the little screw on the side to slide the sights over, i ended up screwin it in too hard and the head of the little screw snapped off, and the threaded part is stuck in the clear plastic :banghead: dammit!, worst part is, after the fact, i realized that i shouldve been unscrewing it to adjust the sights properly, instead of screwing it in more :/

to fix this i figured id go get a kit for tapping out stripped screws, hopefully i can find one with a small enough bit for this little screw, then was gonna attempt to drill out the little bugger, and then just buy a new closely matched screw from the hardware store to replace it, problem solved....hopefully...anyone have any other suggestions maybe to fix this??

i also know i could just go without it, as i can just manually slide the sight left and right and then just tighten it down with the top screw, but you can get finer adjustment with the screw.

i just finished watching the maintenance video and it gave me a good idea of what to be doing with my gun, so i already plan to go out and buy some lint free cloths and pure silicone oil spray to keep things in tip top shape, but i was wondering is that all that should be sprayed/lubed that was shown in the vid?? (mags, hop up, and barrel) shouldn't i be doing some spraying or some sort of maintenance for all the other metal parts on the gun?? to prevent rusting and other damage?? if so, would i just use the same silicone oil spray and maybe just wipe it down with a cloth???

also what should be used in the gearbox and for the sliding metal parts in the gun such as the bolt handle??? im assuming some kind of grease that i could get at canadian tire, but not sure exactly what to use that will work for everything (gears and bolt) suggestions?? brands/types???

now my other issue, i already bought some flat black krylon fusion spray paint to paint that ugly clear upper receiver(which eventually i plan to replace with a full metal receiver), but im unsure how to fully disassemble everything so i just have the receiver left, i downloaded all the manuals and exploded views of the gun off the site, but cant seem to find any step by step instructions or videos on how to take everything apart/off, i can take most apart, but im still left with the clear receiver, the barrel and bolt, hop up, the mag release, and this other little metal thing that i have circled in the attached pic, i removed the 3 screws holding it, but it still wont come off, im thinking it might be glued on as well (what is that thing anyways???) it has that little round that supposed to be for attaching a sling??

also looking for detailed vids/pics for taking the mechbox out and apart, i watched the mp5j vid on but it wasn't the same style as mine and i dont think that procedure will work for getting my mechbox out.

any help/tips or links to places where i can get the info are much appreciated!!!


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