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Review: G&P 2X Aimpoint Magnifier



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Old May 14th, 2010, 01:55   #1
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Review: G&P 2X Aimpoint Magnifier

G&P 2X Aimpoint Magnifier

Got this from Shock on this board for $20 last year - They are sold at about the similar prices on Ehobby/Redwolf... etc.

Use: Originally I purchased this item for the sole reason of not liking Aimpoint Magnifiers that are mounted on the back of the Aimpoint.

There were several reasons:
-Too big and bulky
-Expensive($50+ for good ones)
-Needs same mount as the aimpoint
-Red dot isn't always centred
-Eye relief similar to rifle scopes
-3X magnification is a bit too much for me

Fortunately, this G&P 2X magnifier(Aka 2X) countered all of these problems. The 2X is extremely light, inexpensive, centres with the dot, has infinite eye relief, and the magnification is not too extreme for airsoft purposes. On top of that, the 2X unit can be utilized as an independent 2X monocular if screwed off the aimpoint.

The 2X unit is a direct screw-on attachment to the Aimpoint M2 Red dot sight. It can be quickly screwed off or on, like shown below with a G&P Aimpoint. However, the 2X unit can not be used in conjunction with front Flip up cover because the cover blocks the threading from attaching.

Here is a test for the functionality:

There is a Firefox Lipo battery sitting on top of a ledge about 10 feet away from where I am sitting.

Now scoping with the Aimpoint + 2X unit (I have the aimpoint mounted at the rear most position).

Works fairly well doesn't it?. The function is very simple, it simply gives your Aimpoint a small magnification ability. However the advantages of the 2X unit does not come as a freebie. The most noticeable con for this unit is the loss of Field of View. When you screw on the 2X unit, you halve the Field of View you have with just the Aimpoint Red Dot. Therefore it is recommended that you mount your aimpoint as close to your eye as possible to minimize the loss of FOV.

You lose even more FOV as you mount the Aimpoint farther forward, although this is true with even just the Aimpoint unit by itself, the 2X magnifier compounds the problem slightly.

Here is the 2X + Aimpoint unit mounted farther forward.

As you can see, this time, the circular edge of the Image is just about in contact with the edge of the lipo, now compare that with when you have the Aimpoint mounted right at your face. This means that you have a very limited view through the Aimpoint when mounted further away from the eye.

You do get an infinite eye relief however. Like the regular aimpoint, the distance from your eye to the optic does not affect the sight picture(Aside from the FOV), And you can shoot on the fly. No need to adjust your head distance like you would with a traditional rifle scope.

I am going to game with this thing on saturday, I'll report on how well this thing does on the field


-2X Magnification
-Can work as an independent Monocular
-Retains infinite Eye relief
-Cheap - $20

-Can not use Flip up Covers
-Decreases FOV significantly
-Screw on/off may take some time to get used to.
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Old May 14th, 2010, 04:40   #2
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Location: Richmond, BC
Show me it on Saturday, will you? Just for shits and giggles, really - I don't honestly think that I'll ever use a screw-on magnifier lol.
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Old May 14th, 2010, 06:56   #3
Ministry of Peace
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Very well written review, thanks for the info.
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Old May 23rd, 2010, 01:44   #4
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Vancouver, B.C
Tried this out two games in a row:

Great piece!, very simple magnifier. The limitation of the FOV did not affect my performance as much as I presumed. In fact, I found the magnification significantly handy in engagements 80~200(+)feet away. The slightly enlarged sight picture of the aimpoint made it much easier for me to aim at a smaller profiled target, most often that of enemy shooting behind cover.

I have a 25/20 eye after Glasses, so the 2X magnification enhanced my vision slightly as well, extending the natural range of my eyesight.

@60 feet of closer, I did have trouble aiming at targets at this close range. Often time I like to keep my sights at the middle of the tree so I can quickly react in case the enemy decides to switch firing positions. The FOV is restrained just enough at range 0~60 feet to exclude both sides of the medium~large width trees if I were to aim at the middle of the tree. However, at times I did spend about 15 seconds screwing off the magnifier because the enemy was marching in too close for the item to be effective.

All in all, a very cheap and useful magnifier which in my opinion works MUCH better than traditional 3X magnifiers.
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Old June 10th, 2010, 05:15   #5
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Location: los angeles california u.s.a
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good review.....I`m going to check out one tommorrow....but...theres a catch at least for me anyway...

1. I`m going to see if this Item will mount to a real aimpoint ML3 scope combined with a real 3x magnifier.

2. If everything works out as in F.O.V., good clean magnified image(If this works my power should boost from 3x to possibly 6x power), this will go on a real steel ar-15.

3. stay tuned.
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Old June 10th, 2010, 17:04   #6
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: los angeles california u.s.a
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well I tried this magifier to see if it would fit on a real aimpoint scope.....It didnt fit.....the housing was too small.....BUT.....they had a magnifier similar to that...and it did fit perfect....It works great....good clear picture with no loss in what I see It`s boosted to 5x power with aimpoint magnifier for only 20 bucks....
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