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Back to being noob again x.x Gas Rifle choosing


Newbie Tank

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Old March 22nd, 2010, 08:45   #1
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Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Back to being noob again x.x Gas Rifle choosing

Recently I went down into a Selling spree, worked pretty well, got rid of my Sewing machine (PTW) and never going to go back to it. Now I've always wanted an External air but need you guys to helpt o choose. Here's 4 options

Budget: Not a huge concern, MP44 will be close though.

1) Prime M4 GBBR, Stand my ground (Internal Air)
Cost: ~$2k+ spent, will cost another $300 to get it going
(Hate: AR design, I can't stand it. It works good but looks awful)

2) Shoei MP44 (favorite of the bunch)
Cost: ~$1.9k and $200 for rig (comes with 11 mags, those thing cost $85 a pop)
Second hand, looks like it been through second world war already... with 21k through
(Hate: Pricetag, and it's 2nd hand w/ such a huge round count)

3) Escort MP5 (Tacticool I guess)
Cost: $1.5k and $200 for the rig
Second hand
(Hate: Short barrel)

4) Daytonagun (The workhorse of the bunch)
Cost: $1k and $200 for the rig
(Hate: It's an AK, synthetic stock and PSOP will make up for it)

So yea, anyone here knows anything about classic? Wanna help?

btw, if anyone say AEG, you sign up to be shot.
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Old March 26th, 2010, 11:00   #2
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if you don't mind the little hose and a bottle on your back then go with a daytona or a modified Sun project, I have some JAC left in my collection but all of them need some work to function after years of abuse but once tehy are working it will beat any AEG or GBBR in performance. If the 4 you listed as your option then I would go with the Prime and teh daytona. Justin work is impeccable and you know it will last forever. the Escort eventhough it's reliable they will develop seal issue and like you said shortbarrel.
As for the Shoei (Lucky bastard) well send the internal to Daytona to get modified or upgraded, then it will be a beast.
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Old March 26th, 2010, 11:28   #3
Shooting Addict
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Escort or shoei, escort is really nice for cqb and since it's realtivly new it shouldn't cause you any problems BUT the shoei guns are really nice peices, esspacilly there mg42, even used it should last
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Harden the fuck up, you liberal pussies.

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