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Radio solution for MSA Sordin (non boom mic)


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Old January 13th, 2016, 21:28   #16
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Beta, wiring it up is super super simple, especially on kenwood or Motorola 2 pin connectors where you dont even need to have one unionized connector, just appropriate 2.5mm and 3.5mm jacks.

Here is the pinout and basic layout of a kenwood 2 pin.

So in the case of passing through to a headset with a 3rd party boom mic and AUX port it would look like this.

(note: It's been a very long time since I have had to wire up civi radios so this may not be correct, but based on the previous image it should be - assuming it is correct)
Depending on your headsets AUX is wired you might want to bond the tip and ring on the AUX input jack together so you get comms in both ears.

If you are going to mount a mic intended for use with mil radios you wil have to exchange it for a mic that will work with the radio you are using though, so keep that in mind when searching for a more military looking boom arm.

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Old January 13th, 2016, 22:01   #17
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Not to threadjack, but if one has a mil quality ptt, can they not just cut off the end (icom, 6pin, etc) and splice/put on a new one (kenwood, single pin, etc...)? Or would thins still need the ptt to be amped?
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Old January 13th, 2016, 22:46   #18
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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
This is the solution. Saw the thread and was going to post something practically identical.
I can recommend the code red signal21 shoulder mics if you want something a bit "higher-end" than a generic China one. They're basically the same as the Motorola ones you see police and security guards using. I use mine with a regular "secret service" style ear piece, but was thinking about getting a pair of Howard leights for the times when I actually near hearing pro.

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Old January 15th, 2016, 19:27   #19
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Nacre QuietPro

I have a Nacre QuietPro that I use with dual Puxing 888 radios and I just love it. I have the version programmed and wired for use with PRC-148 radios; an adapter is required to convert from a U238 plug to a Kenwood 2-pin.

The QuietPro is a comms PTT/interface with active hearing protection and sound amplification. The unit is completely sealed and is IPX-8 rated I believe (it's not afraid of rain). Both the radio and the talk-through volume are independently adjustable. The sound amplification enables one to hear a snail pass wind at 100 paces if one so desires.

The QP uses in-ear active hearing protection with bone conduction microphones so it is incredibly low profile and comfortable (no hot ear cups or snags-on-everything boom mic). If you don't mind wearing foam earplugs then you will not be fussed by the QP.

QP units may still be found on evil-bay and various independent sellers in the price range of CDN $200-300 (costly but less expensive than a real Sordin headset). Avoid the units designed for use with the Motorola XTS series as it uses a proprietary radio connector which is compatible with nothing but the XTS series.
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Old January 15th, 2016, 19:55   #20
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Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
Most good shoulder(PA) mics will have a sound passthough meant for those clear ear tubes. Just get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack (if that is the size used) and use that to pump sound into the sordins and use the PA mic to talk.

Like so:

Here is one that should work, kinda pricey, but so were the sordins.

Im sure there are other options out there though.

You could also just get you hands on a raw kenwood connector or lapel mic/ear phne combo and put your own 3.5mm jack on it. (cut off the earbud)

The AUX connector on the sordins is supposed to work with media players so you should not have any impedance issues.
The incompatibility usually found with sordins has to do with the mics and not the speakers. All that had to be done with mine when I got it set up for civ comms was replace the mic, a $7.50 part.
This is what I use when I want to be a little more silent than shoulder mounted mic

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Old January 16th, 2016, 19:43   #21
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The shoulder mic worked great, thanks guys! I ended up going with a cheaper option from amazon: Link for future reference

The one thing i'm still not clear on is how you could get a comtac boom mic to work with this setup. I get the Y cable / boom mic part but how do you place a PTT into the system?
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