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Age Verification Commonly Asked Questions the dumbed down version


Age Verification Representatives - Get Age Verified Information Here!!

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Age Verification Commonly Asked Questions the dumbed down version

Now we keep getting and seeing the same questions being posted all the time about Age Verifications.

If you have not already done so read, and

You should have also read our Forum Rules!

This post is being created as we constantly have members posting the same questions over and over and apparently they do not understand the FAQ's about Age Verification. So here is the dumbed down version.

"I was verified two days ago but I still can not access the sales areas"

Yes as stated in the FAQ's it can take a couple weeks till everything gets processed, all the staff and verifiers are volunteers we have things we like to do away from these forums and do updates when we have free time to do so. Constantly posting asking (under 1 month from actually meeting with an age verifier) only wastes more of our free time to do updates and can lead to infractions for wasting our time.

"I messaged an age verifier but have not received a response"
Have you tried to contact more then just the one age verifier? Most cities have more then one verifier in them now for major cities. Also if you messaged them yesterday/couple of days ago remember they are volunteers and may not have been online or had time to set something up with you yet. Have PATIENCE, try contacting another representative in your town. Yes you might have to drive/walk farther to get verified by one of our UNPAID VOLUNTEER Verifiers who are taking their personal time to meet up with you.

"Why do I have to meet with someone in person, and can not just use a webcam?"
Why? Because shit is easily forged, faked, covered up/changed online. We do our meetings in person because we can ensure you are who is on that little piece of ID, that it is an actual government issued ID. Our verifiers also like to get a feel for those who are asking for verification, as Age Verification is not a right but a bonus here, we can reject age verification requests if we feel like it and even remove them at a later date if we find you have done wrong.

"My Verifier says they have submitted all my information and it has been over a month since they did but I still do not have access"
There is a couple notes for this one: 1) You have age verified tags under your name, therefore you do have access did you even try clicking on the section to get in???? 2) You do not have tags, are you sure you gave the verifier the proper spelling of your ASC user name including Upper and Lower case? The name you gave them must exactly match how you have it spelled to work. 3) We have decided to not grant you verification this could be for several reasons, you have previously lost your verification status and you met up with a different rep to try and get it back. You lied about your age in your profile and it did not match your ID, you have been a douche bag on the forums and we do not want you to gain more access, you showed up met with the age verification rep with your 12 year old brother that knew 100% more about airsoft then you and you gave a very bad vibe to our rep that you were only doing it so your brother could buy guns via your account and we the Senior Admins agreed with their concerns and rejected your verification. Oh By The Way we do keep a master list of names who we have rejected/removed verification from and why so that you can not just meet someone else and get around the system.

I live in a different country, how do I get verified
This one is so simple I can not believe it keeps getting asked. 1) Fly/Drive into Canada and meet up with one of our Reps in person. 2) Purchase a plane ticket for me, pay for my food and expenses and I will come to verify you where you are. 3) You are from out of country, therefore by the time you pay for shipping, taxes, duties and such I'm pretty certain that you could save a ton of money buying from a retailer in your own country. Yes we might have some parts/gear/etc that you really want but step 1 and 2 are your only options then at that point. Please stop whining and complaining about it, our house our rules.

I will add more as I think of them or more dumbed down versions are required........
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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