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Gryphon BBs: a review



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Old May 30th, 2017, 00:23   #1
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Gryphon BBs: a review

Well, I've been promising James at B2 up in Edmonton for some time that I'd review his BBs and finally I'm getting around to it. With the fall of BB Bastard it's hard to find really good bio rounds. Certainly there are brands out there that are adequate or better, but more is better and better is obviously better.

I've spoken to James a few times on the phone and have heard good things about B2 from many of my friends back in Alberta, so I was curious about the Gryphon rounds. While discussing BBs James offered to send me some samples to try, and as good as his word, he did. Unfortunately they went missing out of my gear before I could try them and my review was put on hold. There was a discussion online about Gryphons at this time which seemed to to vary from some fully supporting to others having trouble with them. B2 admitted to receiving a bad batch and that they were taking the issue seriously. I will mention some players whom I respect the opinions of greatly did come to the defence of Gryphon rounds, so it makes sense that there could've been a bad batch.

This past weekend I went up to Vernon BC to make an appearance at an airsoft swap meet and play a few days up at the Vernon field, which for some reason I have never been to. I forgot to grab BBs before I went unfortunately and had to hope there would be some available at the swap meet. Sergeant Preppers, a shop in Kelowna, had a table there, and was selling bottles of Gryphon rounds, so I picked up a bottle of their bio 0.30g rounds before heading up to the field.

I run a few different guns, but my primary is a Systema PTW, which are notorious for being very, very BB picky. Only the best BBs feed nicely through their mags. I loaded up all of my Systema mags, my KWA MK23 Socom and my buddies VFC Quake M4 (mid-caps and high-caps) and we went to town. We played all evening, then all day the next day as well in 32• plus of dry heat.

Absolutely no issues. They fed perfectly in every gun and every mag. They flew beautifully and consistently. I was picking people off through small spaces and chopping through brush with ease at two-hundred plus feet away. I'm now going to go out of my way to purchase more of these rounds and recommend them to everyone.

Thanks to James and B2 Airsoft out of Edmonton and Sergeant Preppers out of Kelowna BC.
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Agreed. Although I use my own imports now I used Gryhon's for a while and had no issues with the usage.

The only downside is the cost, when I can order the same quality in bulk it's hard to say no however if that wasn't an option I would be using theirs for sure.

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Old July 11th, 2018, 00:19   #3
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After the death of the bastards I stumbled upon Gryphons. All my guns love them. Never had an issue.
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