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North Korea - Hell March


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Old February 2nd, 2011, 02:22   #16
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Drache, that assumes a level of strategic foresight the North Koreans haven't shown in the past. It is possible, but also unlikely.

I still feel it is far more likely that between China's modernization and reliance on the west for consumerism, and North Korea's piss-poor foreign relationships, they are going to find themselves out of money and friends fast. I seriously doubt they have the capability to take over South Korea fast enough not to trigger a NATO response without Chinese support, and I really doubt China really cares about the Koreas any more.

Another point: Yes NATO has been known to drag it's ass on some things, but you don't need all of NATO to stonewall a North Korean push south... the U.S. could handle that by itself fairly easily considering the technology gap. Let's not discount the South Korean military either: They've lived in fear of the North for decades, and have had of time to train and prepare, as well as the support of the U.S. for years. Chances are they'd put up a hell of a fight as well.

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Originally Posted by Armed Infidel View Post
Ya but all the others had really fat legs..sorry I'm a legs and breast kinda guy!
Well it's not so different from North America. You get a handful of hot girls, and the rest are below average w/ fat legs.

p.s. When you hug a flat-chested girl, you're closer to her heart ;D
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