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Having problems with feeding and locking up


Doctor's Corner

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Old June 13th, 2018, 06:36   #1
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Having problems with feeding and locking up

SHS 13:1 gears
Tienly GT-35000 Ultra Torque
M125 spring
11.1 lipo
Flat hop
Pro-Win AK Hop-up unit (kinda disappointed with it since it didn't come with anything just the shell.)

So once I installed everything it worked fine put about 1000 dry runs and 300 with 0.25bb's everything worked fine motor never locked up BB's fed like a dream.

Game day shows up had some problems with my hop up it was really touchy but the thing is comprised of a pro-win shell and the rest is off the old hop up unit so things don't line up to my liking. Get half a mag out and my motor/gears something has locked up had to remove my motor and reset the reversal pin just for it to work.

Then I started getting no feds or 3/5 feeds at once and every bb shot is over or under hopped no consistency at all. I stopped using it in fear of braking something further.

Any thought? I was planing on replacing the hop up with something else but the lock up has my worried should I just remove the anti reversal or would getting a titan mosfet fix this problem?

My end goal is suppression so high ROF and range
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Old June 14th, 2018, 00:04   #2
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changing stuff won't help if the problem is in the hop unit.
Try pushing a BB through by hand, if it takes a lot of force to push it past the seal of the hop rubber, that's your issue right there.
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