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Custom Hi-Capa frame problem. Need help!


Doctor's Corner

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Old July 9th, 2018, 14:43   #1
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Custom Hi-Capa frame problem. Need help!

I'm new on this forum, so hello to everybody!
I decided to write in this forum because i've really frustrating problem with my custom hi-capa. Please forgive me my english


I want to build gun based on Gunsmith Bros middle frame and slide. (an advanced frame) and have a problem with non-blocking slide.

Parts which i use: Dynamic Precision disconnector and fire pin, Hammer set from Airsoft Masterpiece and Airsoft Surgeon leaf spring (thin). There are few external parts like grip, grip safety, thumb safety etc. The rest is stock hi-capa parts.

After put everything together - guns fire, but after last shot its not stop in "back" position - do not lock.

When i remove slide i saw that disconnector is always "on top" the frame. Do not hide in frame. When i pul the hammer on 1st stage, and then on 2nd stage - it stays at the same position all the time.

It's not moving like in standard hi-capa when the hammer is decoking the disconnetcor is hiding. and then when im pull hammer on 1st stage disconnector is moving up a little and when pull more to 2nd stage - it move totaly upwards. In my gun it always stay at the same position

The hammer is proper working on two stages. everything is ok. reset is proper working too - when i pressing trigger and reload, and then release trigger is "click", so then when i press trigger - it shot. So it's working but after last shot it not lock

I use standard Gunsmith Bros hammer "box" - only change the stock hammer and strut to Airsoft Masterpiece set.

So i rather put it together in proper way. I alawys check if the leaf spring is in correct position (middle finger is on sear and right finger is on the disconnector). Fire pin is installed correctly so.. i really don't know what is going on.

Ah... additionally grip safety is not working - i can shot if the grip safety is push or not.

Please, i really need help. because im going crazy :rrr:

Thank you!

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