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Fixing VFC Scar feeding issues.


Doctor's Corner

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Old August 11th, 2017, 16:10   #1
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Fixing VFC Scar feeding issues.

While googling around I noticed quite a few people, myself included, have feeding issues with their VFC Scar's. Here is how I fixed my feeding problems and maybe it will help you.

To my understanding most feeding issues are either mag compatibility (fixed by mag shimming) or mag spring overpowering the tappet plate spring (fixed by getting a stiffer tappet plate spring). The Scar's feeding issue is unique in that its shitty clear plastic hopup actually distorts under the mag spring pressure causing jams. Symptoms of this issue are mis-feeds with a full mag that progressively get better as mag empties.


The VFC scar L and H share the same proprietary hop up. Thankfully is the only place that I found that makes a direct drop in replacement CNC hop up unit. Specifically:

If you have a Scar and are tearing your hair out I highly recommend the above. I completed the replacement myself and have almost no experience with airsoft tech work (Literally first time I dissembled my stock AEG). The only caveat is that the included barrel C clip in the above kit is trash so I recommend looking around and buying a few other brands to see if they fit with your barrel. Also being metal you need to use loctite on the screw holding the adjustment wheel to prevent backing out and losing your hop setting.


After a few hours of work I finished the swap and loaded up a midcap full to the brim, slapped it in and test fired. My very first shot rolled out of the barrel and the rest of the 140 round midcap fed perfectly. By comparison I would have to fire about 30-50 rounds before I got consistant feeding with the stock hop up. Keep in mind my Scar is stock in every other way. I got the same results with my hi cap wound til it clicked.

I really hope this helps somebody enjoy a otherwise great gun.

My exact setup:
Stock VFC Scar L
Airsoftpro Hopup
Elite force midcap:
Lonex flash mag:
The C clip that worked for me:

Related reading:
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Old August 13th, 2017, 09:41   #2
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Ive never had a feeding issue. If you're taking it apart you need to make sure that the Hop Up is in evenly via the the screws. If it isn't in properly you're probably getting feeding issues.

And I use King Arms mags.

BA Level 3 Certified
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Old August 13th, 2017, 10:00   #3
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Used KA mags in mine too with no issues. Just have to make sure the catch releases the BBs properly.

Nothing wrong with VFC "clear" hop up chambers. Your goggle lenses are clear; are they weak?
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