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Falcon hop rubbers


Upgrades & Modifications

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Falcon hop rubbers

Specifically the green one, 55 degree hardness
I've had it in my 249 for a while now, and I've been getting fantastic results in warmer weather.
It's come to light that the chemistry of this rubber gets REALLY hard in the cold, more so than most others!
So I had it out in -2, and it was just a constant battle to feed properly, BB's would fire, but only make it 10 feet, eventually found out that if I lessen my pressure from the feed tube I'd get better consistency, but you can't do that with regular mags. Other "lesser performance" rubbers when cold require one or two bad shots to loosen or soften up the rubber a bit every few minutes to ensure proper feeding, but this one was dropping dozens of rounds at a time.

Although this rubber did great in the fall, I'm afraid it's completely failed the winter test. And for a very soft 55 degree rubber, that's a significant failure, as I'm used to the 70 degree guarder black rubbers working well in the cold.

So, I'm off to test the PDI W rubber! If I can get my hands on one lol

I ended up borrowing Steve's nearly identical M249 with a guarder black rubber in it, worked great the whole time.
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