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I'd say that the only reason for the discrepancy, is because the moment the projectile leaves the muzzle of the INNER barrel, it is no longer accelerating, and instead, decelerating.

Measure the velocity with the suppressor off, and at the muzzle of the gun. You will get maximum velocity readout this way, as the projectile would have just left its accelerating stage.

Measure with an 8" suppressor attached, and you will be effectively shooting 8" away from the actual muzzle of the gun. You will notice a reduced velocity.

Measure again, with the 8" suppressor off, but with the muzzle of your gun 8" away from the chronograph, and you should get similar reduced velocity results as with the suppressor attached.

The suppressor should NOT change velocity at all. There are no physics to support the argument. "Wind turbulence?" If anything, there should be a neutral air system inside a suppressor.

As a final note, the lighter the BB used, the greater the noticed discrepancy, as lighter weight projectiles carry less energy over range than heavier projectiles. Thus, lighter weight projectiles decelerate at a greater rate than heavier rounds.

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